Posted by: oceannah | August 3, 2012

Friday Fences


This fence is on the other side of the mountain from me in the Catskills of NY.  I passed it while taking my daughter to her summer Shakespeare intensive.  It really caught my eye with the contrast between the fence and the surrounding pasture and mountain in the back.  If you’d like to see more fences I’m linking up with Friday Fences and you should hop on over to Life According to Jan and Jer there are some really great fences!



  1. Just beautiful! Wish I could be standing there in person taking it all in!

    • Me too Kaye! Thanks 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s some fence. Quite dramatic with the white on green! (But man, where’s Tom Sawyer when you need him, eh?; )

    • Haha Deb, Tom is LONG gone, remember he was the clever one who made it appear to be such an honor to have to paint the fence he got his chums to do the work while he was off on another adventure, cheeky lad.

    • All joking aside, your photo is beautiful and the scenery breathtaking. It has a “Foothills of the Rockies” kind of feel about it. Oh, sorry, got a sudden yen to go skiing…

      • Thanks Deb you’re too kind…love skiing and missed it this winter b/c no snow! Had one day of crap skiing on gravelly snow, yikes, need to tune the skis up now 😉

  3. looks like a postcard. Beautiful.

    • Thank you Joss. The weather was perfect that day.

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