Posted by: oceannah | August 2, 2012

The Reds Are On But It Will Be A Short Run

The red raspberries are ON!  But it will not be a huge harvest since the rains have been on as well.  Many berries are just turning to mush or getting moldy right on the plant.  Darn.  Although we need the rain, it is not an ideal time.

My daughter was reluctant to help with the picking and offered to do dishes and sweep the house instead, wonder why?  This had a lot to do with it:

As you can see above, for every nice ripe berry there are many shrivlers and crummy ones.  On an uptick, the pears look to be doing swell!

The sun is shining today and hopefully there won’t be any rain…I’ve had enough for a few days and feeling clammy all over.  How’s the weather at you place?  Keep me posted 🙂


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  1. The weather here is sunny and clear this AM. It’s usually foggy till noon, but the last few days we’ve had a break in morning fog. That spider is one scary looking dude or dame! 😉

    • Sounds like paradise Kaye! There were A LOT of spiders in the garden the hunting must be particularly good there.

  2. Yum, raspberries!

    I’m sitting between two tropical systems here in Hangzhou, smack dab in the middle. So we’ve had intermittent rain and gusts of wind, has cooled things down enou that I managed 5K tonight… In e rain 🙂

    • Good for you Sandi. Sounds like an exciting time to be there two storms!! stay safe.

  3. I envy you your pears! I love pears!

    • Well don’t be too envious…it’s kinda counting the chickens before they hatch…it they ripen(some years they don’t) and we get to them efore the squirrels we’re golden…IF

      • Read somewhere that pears are the one fruit that should be picked green and it stops them from developing “grit” if they ripen off the tree. Strangely enough, it seems to work (and keeps the critters out too; )

      • Read that too Deb….there are different pear varieties and most require being in cold storage for a period before they ripen properly. One year we did not take them in and a good frost came on…picked them the next day and cooked them down and threw them in a bucket w/ an air lock and some sugar water…whaddaya know, they wound up tasting like saki!! We were all pretty surprised, waste not want not 😉

  4. Love berry picking season reminds me of being a child again – happy times!

    • How nice to have happy memories of childhood!

  5. OMG wth kind of spider is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be indoors ALL THE TIME if we had those! Where are you from?? I’m in Ontario, Canada lol.

    • That’s an orb weaver spider ashpauls, they are large beautiful creatures that eat A LOT of bugs. They get their name from the shape of their web. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. That is a scary looking spider! Uurgghh…. Weather is all over the place here, raining the past few days but gorgeous sunshine this afternoon. Crazy times…. Makes me sad we’re in the last month of summer because we haven’t even had a summer! Boo. What are your plans for the raspberries? Au natural or something which involves some cooking? xoxo

    • There were about 8 of them hanging on their webs and my daughter still has a scar on her back from a spider bite at age 4 she doesn’t like any spider.

  7. Ahhh… That’s the sound of the earth, having drank it all in a couple of times over the past week plus a 30-40% chance of thunder showers tonight-tomorrow. The air’s very still tonight w/ lots of crickets creeking. The owl was talking out back, but has now gone still, while fluffy bits of cloud drift over that gorgeous moon… *sigh* and yes, now I can see that there is an irredescent “moon dog”. More rain tomorrow (we can use it: ) Nite, nite.

    • It is true that we needed the rain here too Deb, just getting a little longing for El Sol. nitey-nite

  8. love that spider – just gorgeous. Rain here for three days now, we so need rain right now. Blessed, welcome rain.

    • thanks Joss, I think it is beautiful also, though my daughter disagrees heartily.

  9. Do you take your pictures yourself? they are so good!

    • Shannon all the photographs are my own unless otherwise cited. I’m glad you enjoy them…I am still learning how to use the digital camera after *finally* giving up on my SLR…

  10. Anna first of all your pictures are always so beautiful and to make sure I don’t miss one of your posts I just subscribed as an email follower! By the way my blackberries (well some of them) got mushy so I know what you mean I think I may have eaten some with those tiny bugs in them…extra protein I guess 😉 I mean I wasn’t passing those blackberries up. Oh and btw thanks for linking up to “The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post” this week!

    • Thank you so much Karen. I try not to eat too many bugs, but what can you do…sometimes it happens…Love the Ole Sat. Trading Post there’s always some great links to be had, thanks YOU for hosting it.

      • Anna I am so glad you like it! I feel like we are getting to look at a very wide range of blogs…and we all look at life so differently and yet we are bonded by our love of homesteading!

    • There! See? It’s not just me! Probably ’cause there’s no point in stressing about it – that and I’d rather eat the mushy ones than throw them on the compost (‘specially after you’ve ripped yourself to pieces picking the little beggars; )

      • No Deb it’s not just you…ha ha your in good company 🙂

      • Agreed Karen, it’s been great ‘meeting’ other folks who have so much to share about how they homestead!!

  11. We’re in the middle of a heat wave. The weather here has been over 110 most days. Today we’re in for a bit of a “break” as it won’t get over 105. Your raspberries are beautiful! Checking in from Ole Saturday Trading Post. 🙂

    • ZOINKES! 110F where are you at Jenny? I’m popping over to check out your blog…

      • Oklahoma. The past three summers have been very difficult. Highs of around 114 for days on end. At 10:30 the other night it was still 101. I envy your rain.

  12. Hot like blazes on my West Coast island. It’s been a challenge to find a cool place. Have been helping at an anti-Monsanto event at a gorgeous farm. There were lots of shade trees, but the dust was horrid.

    We’ve lots of promising “green” blackberries that will ripen nicely in this heat. However, they are so juicy if watered. Hopefully the farm where I pick, the watering system will hit the blackberry bushes.

    • Yum I love the blackberries when they are super overripe, kinda like wine on the vine to my taste buds…
      THANK YOU for helping out at anything ANTI monsatan. You are my hero!!

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