Posted by: oceannah | August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. such beauty, there for the picking.

    • Glad you enjoyed Joss.

  2. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.
    Your watery bowl on weathered table surrounded with lush greenery act as a perfect foil… framing an explosion of fabulous August heat.

    • Ah geez – should’ve said “acting”, not “act” – oh well! (Would love to see your garden someday: )

      • humans, we’re all in it together Deb…making mistakes is part of the dance.

    • Thanks Deb!!!

  3. lovely explosion of unusual flowers

  4. Are these from your Garden?

    • Indeed they are! Snapdragons, black eyed susan, cosmos, and some dill.

      • Ha! Got me on the Dill; didn’t look closely enough, was thinking Asparagus fronds. Gee, that adds a whole ‘nother aspect…

  5. Beautiful! I never take the time to cut the flowers, but a vase like this could really brighten my kitchen! I need to plant more flowers!

    • Thanks Kaye, that is an especially sweet treasure (vase) as my friend gave it to me from the collection of her mama’s blue glass when she passed. I always think of Gail when I see that cobalt blue.

  6. Absolutely stunning. Love the blue vase choice with those vibrant colors.

    • Thanks very much, glad you liked it.

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