Posted by: oceannah | July 31, 2012

Name That Tune






So this is just a little fun idea that came to me the other day as I was picking raspberries and there were some lovely flowers in the pasture with me…. a song with these components came to mind.  So how to make it fun?  Everyone who names the tune correctly (song title/artist) will get a special shout out in a follow up post with a link 🙂

Part of the rural/homestead life is making up your own entertainment.  When we were kids we used to play/make up all manner of games, skits, songs and silliness.

Send in your guesses to the comment section or to my contact info.  This tune naming game will end at the close of this week Saturday August 4, 2012 at 5pm EST.  Enjoy.



  1. I don’t have a clue, but a great idea to propose a game! Lovely photos! – Kaye

    • Hey, you’ve got a photo of an umbel in the middle. What is the white flower? Beneficials love umbels!

    • Thanks Kaye, We love playing games like this, especially on car rides.

  2. . The song can’t be “roll me over, in the clover…”

    • No Joss, but you’ve got the right flowers 😉 Thanks for playing along…

  3. I know, I know!!! Bob Dylan (mid 70’s) You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go… love that song!!! (gosh I hope I’m right now that I’ve said that!) haha

  4. Now I wanna download it on my iTunes!!!

  5. Hmmmm… I’m awful at this type of thing, so, no idea, but great game and pics! 🙂 x

    • Thanks for playing along even if you don’t know Sonia…you are much younger than I am, so it’s an oldie 😉

  6. I dont know it either. Your pictures are fantastic, they are so clear!! you should send them into msn for pic of the week or something!

    • Thanks Shannon the song is way before your time…so it’s not too easy.

  7. Got me stumped!! keep thinking something from the Herman’s Hermits…remember them…Henry the 8th I am…

    • hahah I remember that one! While holed up all summer in a cabin on a gorgeous lake in ME my sisters and cousins had that song and Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart….And we’d play them over and over. Then we’d play ‘air guitar’ shows in the evenings for the adults and use the paddles for guitars hollering at the top of our lungs Jerimiah was a bull frog…

      • Ah Jeremiah… Were the lyrics supposed to make any sense?; )

      • Too funny!!!!

  8. […] July 31st I was feeling playful and posted a “Name That Tune” game with three photographs that depict something from the song.  Only one person guessed […]

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