Posted by: oceannah | July 28, 2012

Homestead Happenings 28July 2012

It’s been a busy week in these parts.  We pulled the garlic in hopes of curing it for a few days and our timing could not have been worse!  It’s been rainy every day since getting it out of the ground.  Three large beds of garlic lined up like sardines waiting for the sun.  Currently the garlic is bundled and hanging in the barn.  Best laid plans and all…


The corn is growing great!  It’s interesting when not growing hybrids how variable the stalks are in height.


And it is beginning to tassel!


We’ve been enjoying the sweet mild savoy cabbages and right behind them are the purple cabbages so we’re never at a loss for coleslaw!



The bed is shrinking as we harvest and eat up the row.


What summer garden is without zucchini?  Ours just started producing and we’ve been enjoying them every which way.


Wild bergamont which I planted from seed is taking over a nice big section of the garden.  I love the hummers who visit as the dart in and out of the garden.  I can always tell when they are feeding by the sound of buzzing overhead.

MORE kale…I just can’t get enough.  This bed is the summer kale lancinato and winterbor side by side.

‘Maters not even in the pink yet…with the absence of the sun it will likely be yet another week or two.  Double drat.

Grandpa Ott morning glories making their annual pilgrimage up the fence ever higher reaching for the sun.  And that’s what’s happening this week on the homestead.  How’s by you?  Swing by and set a spell why don’t you.






  1. I wish I could be there to see it in person!! I was thinking of making a trip up there.

    • Yay! Well the next best thing is always a picture Kaye.

  2. I find your posts calming and homey

    • Thank you Louann, that is such a sweet thing to know. Glad you stopped in and got a bit of relaxation vibes.

  3. Look at all that garlic! And the purple cabbage… Yum! On a hot afternoon I love some sliced purple cottage drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper… Mmmmm!
    And your garden must smell lovely with the bergamot! Id love to come and sit a spell!

    • That sounds so simple and delicious Sandi I’ll have to try it out…I imagine you cut it very thin on the benrinner/mandolin?? And it is a lot of garlic, but we also grow our own seed garlic so some will go to next years crop….the best and largest/healthiest.

      • I actually hand cut with a big ole butcher knife, since I’m so limited on kitchen space, no fancy gadgets! I try to cut as thin as possible… So yummy and simple!

      • haha Sandi for some reason the soundtrack to Psycho went through my head as I pictured you with your “big ole butcher knife” Cabbages FEAR you 😉

      • As well they should, given how muchi love to eat them!

      • hehehe…runnnn er, rolllll

  4. Yummy!!

    • true! true!

  5. would love to swing by and have a walk around with you. i can hear the excitement and pride in your voice as you show off your wonderful harvest.

    • Hahah…I’ll have to watch that Joss! But just in time to take me down a peg the rabbit got a half row of beans, they always get the last laugh no matter the depth of my hubris 😉

      • Oh the bum!

      • 😉 like a Greek play, we’re all just playin’ our parts….

      • my daughter always reminds me “it’s the circle of life”.

  6. I love my wild bergamot. Anything to attract the hummers. But how are you keeping the critters away from the corn?

  7. Your garden is doing so well! It looks great.

    • Thanks Heidi, it’s been yet another odd year…first so hot, then back to cool, then dry, now too wet…this global warming weather change is really tough to plan for.

  8. So glad that you’re having success. We’ve had a really mixed bag this year – lots of pest troubles and disease, but we’re still enjoying some of the fruits of our labors. And there are lessons to learn for next season, right?

    • There is never a shortage of lessons to be learned in the garden of life LS.

  9. Bountiful harvest takes on a whole new meaning for me seeing your wonderful garden grow.

    • Glad you stopped by prairiewisdom. thanks for your comments too 🙂

  10. wow. Looks like tons of beauty and fun.

    • Thanks Nifti… is and a wee bit of sweat and tears for balance. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment…

  11. As always I am amazed at your garden, and hope one day I could have one as awesome as yours.

    • Yeah! I hope you don’t wait too long…even a small pot of herbs or a tomato plant on the porch can be very rewarding. Thanks for popping in.

  12. Bounteous! I love bergamot and you have such a lush patch! Very nice…

    • and the smell is divine thanks for stopping in Amy…glad you are enjoying the bergamonts along w. the hummers.

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