Posted by: oceannah | July 27, 2012

Milk for Monarchs Part Trois

Well, I did it…I broke my own rule…(not to interfere with nature) but hey, I did it for you!!  Actually the intrusion is minimal in the extreme, and in the end the butterfly will float off into the great wide world.  I brought in one monarch larvae and it’s been happily munching milkweed til last night when it began to do this:

Sorry about the glare, what you see is the larvae on the cotton top of a half gallon mason jar.  The larvae is beginning the process of pupating.

If you look very closely at the right side of jar you can see the silk that is being woven across the top to secure the chrysalis.  As of this morning there is not much more in the way of full ‘cocooning’ happening.  I’ve looked around outside and haven’t found any ‘in the wild’ yet either.  Stay tuned!

Other news…tonight is opening night of “Twelfth Night” and hopefully the weather will hold.   We had severe weather last night and some local tornadoes!  The cast has worked very hard to learn their lines and bring us all a good show.  I’ve finally been able to stop the sewing…backdrops–Done! Costumes–Done!  Taking in/letting out–Done!  Whew, it will be nice to sit in the audience and cheer them on.



  1. Anna, I wish I had your energy!! Thanks for the Monarch update. That’s what was happening with the cabbage moth I disturbed. There was cottony fiber around it, and the back end was stuck on. If it had been a Monarch I would have left it alone. Have a great performance!!

    • Aha! Good thing you snuffed out that cabbage moth Kaye! First show was a small house, but the weather was great and the show was excellent.

  2. Wishing you wonderful weather for your performances and congratulations for a job (that I just know has been extraordinarily; ) well done!!
    Break a leg!!
    Oh, and on “your” monarch chrysalis? Can’t wait ’til you see what happens in that jar (SO long ago, but remembering joy, pure joy and wonder, yeah tons of WONDER: )

    • hahah, yes Deb how possessive I’ve become of my little charge! Talking to it and visiting as it sits on the kitchen counter.
      Show was a success!

  3. Fingers crossed – dare I say break a leg?

  4. You may dare to say so 🙂 And thanks show went off without a hitch, these kids are really amazing.

  5. Oh… thanks so much for sharing the stages of life 🙂 Can’t wait to see the butterfly!
    Hoping the show went off without a hitch 🙂

    • It did Sandi, thanks for asking. I’ll keep you (all) up to date with my little baby…

  6. this reminds me of when i did this back when i was homeschooling. it’s a wondrous process to observe and feel part of.

  7. […] The rains have arrived.  Much needed for certain, although we just pulled the garlic and would prefer it not get rained on.  Looks like the next two days will be dry so we can bundle the garlic and hang it to cure!  And….lots of basil too….pesto on this weeks menu!  What’s on the menu at your place?  How are you using the bounty of the season?  Your thoughts are always appreciated. Part 3 […]

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