Posted by: oceannah | July 16, 2012

Of Beets and Training

Beets: Red Ace
Bowl: hand rolled hump mold, clay body laguna 75, glaze antique jade fired to cone 6

Last week was very full.  On top of it all, I had a right elbow that was inflamed as well as general systemic inflammation of all joints.  Why?  After much consideration, lots of reading, and talking with a coach, a single factor kept emerging.  Over training.  Who knew?

On a good note, the beets are of an eating size!  Although higher in sugars than say, lettuce beets have many wonderful attributes as well.  High in Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium….things a body in need of repair could put to good use!

Thankfully, after a nice rest from training (Wednesday-Sunday) I’m feeling much better and actually stronger.  Weight wise at a new [scale] low of 150.4 with appropriate losses in body fat percentage of .3%, which does not appear to be anything to crow about,  but is in fact a nice drop for the week.






  1. I love to put a little shredded raw beet on my salad… Mmmmmm!

  2. You know how to eat Sandi!!! It’s a yummy treat raw/roasted/boiled…

  3. You know I never eats beats raw, but shredded, I could manage that. I tried putting one into my green juice once, and it grabs the back of the throat and won’t let go, ha. I was sure I would get nice beets, I took great care to plant a small bed and thin them, but, maybe not enough sun, only got a couple.

    • If you have that reaction Kaye, raw beets may not be the best choice…oxalic acid could be the culprit/throat grabber and is rendered neutral with cooking.

  4. Oh yeah! My childhood favourite; ‘specially served with the greens as a butter-soaked second side dish – but also the best pickle(s) to make – so simple straight up or as Saucy Relish (with that extra zip of horseradish – yum!: )

    • like the zip too 🙂

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