Posted by: oceannah | July 10, 2012

On the Menu

In summer the daily menu is driven by the harvest basket.  I love the way the food goes from standing in the field to gracing the plate in minutes!

Yesterday’s harvest basket looked like this

There are two nice heads of broccoli, some overly plump scallions that have in fact crossed over into spring onion status, and red leaf lettuce.  I love broccoli.  For many years each broccoli harvest was celebrated by having a massive feast of tempura broccoli.  That is not on the menu these days however.  Since I was dining alone today I thought I’d keep it really simple.  We have a local place that makes awesome crab cakes with essentially zero breading, and man are they easy…freezer to pan to plate in 12 minutes.  Now I’m a flavor person….and while fresh from the ground broccoli does indeed have its own flavor, I was looking for something with a little more punch.  Garlic scape pesto fit that bill.  With each harvest of all those curlicue scapes comes a delicious (if not so attractive in the container) pesto of garlicky goodness.  A spoonful can change a dish from boring to bold in one stir.

A nice little quick saute of the broccoli and a hot pan with a lid for the crab cake.

Voila, lunch for one.  Simple, healthy and delicious.  I saved the red leaf lettuce and onions for a dinner salad so tasty.

Bit overly crispy on the crab cake…that’s the lazy I’m cooking for myself and going to also read my email at the same time…still tasted fine though so no loss.

What’s on the menu at your place?  I love hearing how the bounty of your gardens and farmers market finds make their way to you plate also!!



  1. Yummy!!! The garlic scapes pesto, oh my!!

    • yes they are Sandi…I’ll make sure we have a nice big bunch for the tri next year. You plan travel stuff…I plan food stuff…when I can’t sleep, I make menus, funny and weird at the same time 🙂


      • That sounds like the perfect plan! Planning 13 months in advance makes it doable for me 🙂

      • weehee!

      • p.s. I’ll make sure the fridge is ready for all that good food 🙂

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