Posted by: oceannah | July 6, 2012

Ocean Groove

The beauty and simplicity of taking a few days off to a place you are most familiar with cannot be beat.  Add to that the gorgeous weather we had and the terrific fireworks all around and it was just wonderful.

We did not sail this trip, but I adore sailboats.  My dad had a 23 foot sailboat and we had a slip on the Grassy Point Marina up the Hudson.  This shot drew me right in to those memories.

The ruins of a splendid sand castle…

This little starfish was in the bay area and we sat and watched it slowly running across the bottom of the bay…simple pleasures.

Always on the hunt for a tasty morsel.

Grandmother Moon and I.

I got some funny looks from the folks on the beach as I did my walking lunges up and down the beach.  Swimming out the buoy and running up the beach to do squats somehow did not catch as much attention.  Pulled something in my thigh on attempt 5 of the glute-ham raises, those are tough!  All in all, a good swimming and running few days.  Much to catch up on the homestead.  I hope everyone is having a great Friday.



  1. It was good before, but great now after catching your laid-back sunset vibe… (and totally into the the starfish slow-mo; ) hugs, Deb

    • So happy to share the beach love… slo-mo indeed!

  2. Sounds like a fun time at the beach…hope your workout doesn’t sideline you long! sounds like you are working hard!!!!

    • Thankfully, I finally understand a bit about the ol’ bod, and when the right thigh thing occurred, I stopped straight away. No long term ill was felt. I agree that I’m working hard….and sometimes I think that for the amount of work I do I should be a damn twig of a thing…yet the flab persists….so onward to more workouts.


  3. Anna, as always I love your photos and am so jealous of your trip to the beach! Thank you fo9r the sweet comment on my blog.

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    xoxo, Julie

    • That ‘spains a lot Julie, thanks. I have very little understanding of a great deal of the blog world….other than what I post. I know there are folks who use their blog as an alternative income, but I haven’t a clue where one would begin and fear the amount of ‘tech knowledge’ required would be beyond my abilities, at least currently 😉

  4. did you catch the moon – magical

    • Haha Louann…either that or she caught me 😉

  5. Luvly! But, where were you?

    • Jersey Shore aka the stomping ground of my youth. A very lovely time!

  6. What a beautiful venue for some wonderful exercise. Hope your thigh is doing fine and just a slight pull…

    • Thigh is ok…I’ve smartened up in my 49 years and as soon as it hurt I stopped, image that?

  7. Looks like a wonderful trip, Anna! Love the shot with mother moon!

    • Thanks Sandi, a nice time was had by all.


  8. I certainly admire anyone doing lunges – anywhere! Great discipline, Anna.

  9. Thanks Souldipper! determination and discipline will take me where I desire to go.

  10. R and R is so refreshing for the soul. Thanks – love the moon shot!

    • R&R was much needed. Grandmother Moon and I go back a long way 😉

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