Posted by: oceannah | June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

linking up to Wordless Wednesday Again


  1. Oh my goodness….what a glorious, wonderful photo of the eagle…it looks almost heavy enough to topple the tip of that tree off…….

    • Thanks Anni, I thought the same thing! Always such a thrill to see an eagle for me.

  2. Cool!! How big was he/she? Was this close to home? I think you mentioned seeing Bald Eagles before; might this be one of the same pair? (So many questions, sorry! ; )

    • This is a mature/mated eagle. Not sure of gender. This is one half of the breeding pair that lives/breed nearby for the past several years. Only a few miles from here.

  3. Hey sweetie, I nominated you for The Kreativ Blogger Award! 🙂


    AKA Dukan Dietress

    PS: I absolutely LOVE wordless Wednesday. Gorgeous idea.

    • Thanks so much Constance! Very sweet.

  4. How beautiful! It is such a thrill to see them in the wild! Thanks for linking to WWA! Awesome!

    • THANK YOU Linda :O Always so incredible to see eagles, agreed!

  5. I always love Wordless Wednesday! What a great stroke of luck to catch this majestic creature.

    Also, thank you for the sweet comments on my blog the last cuople of days! Jessi and Jack are making progress everyday and I have very high hopes for the two of them. Hope you are having a great week!


    • Thanks so much Julie, I did not think up wordless wednesday by the way, just playing along. You all could join the party too, the more the merrier!!

  6. Oh, good eye! The closest I’ve ever come to this was two hawks landing in the tree in the back yard. I was thrilled as I’m sure you are by this shot.

    • I was pretty happy with this shot although not the best quality, it is still a fun one to have gotten.

  7. So Cool!!

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