Posted by: oceannah | June 26, 2012

Camp Out

While it is always delightful to go away, coming home is sweeter by far…particularly after this camp out.  Note to self:  At nearly 50 years old, the thermarest just doesn’t cut it.  Next purchase will be some sleeping situation better suited to my needs.  Suffered some pretty bad hip pain with the thermarest, which is basically a thin air filled foam core mat.

Our new tent

The good the bad…we pulled in and it was kind of funny to be plopped down in what seemed a lot like a suburb to those of us without neighbors 😉  We decided that was part of the price of camping with friends one and two sites down.  Until nightfall…  Night one, 3 screaming babies, two car alarms, several car lights, and the slamming door of the rest room too many times to count.  I did hear a loud frog in the distance and a barred owl not too far off, but wildlife here was primarily of the two legged kind.  Suffice to say, sleeping on night one was a challenge.  Even though I was dog tired from just getting everything organized AND making sure I stayed on course with my training schedule.

Having access to the lake was nice.  An open water swim is so different than the pool.  It was pretty great also to just hop on the bike and be off with some friends.  On my first day of there I did a micro-mini triathlon of sorts…that is to say I biked for about an hour, swam to the middle of the lake, then ran for about 40 minutes.  The run pleased me the most.  The trail was so beautiful that when my scheduled time to be done arrived, I just kept going.  The weather was in the low 70’s with a bit of a breeze and sunny.  That felt great.

The down side was that after that first night of no sleeping coupled with the thermarest, my right hip was killing me.  I always schedule Sunday as a rest day so that was not a problem, but it was so bad that I made Monday a rest day as well.  Hopping back in the saddle today to get back to training.
In our absence the garden looks like it has doubled…although that’s not possible in only a few days 🙂  Overall it was really nice to get away from all the (never ending) chores here and be situated next door to friends…for a few days.

We have some trips to the shore planned for summer.  Those will be at B&B’s, so the thermarest can stay at home 🙂  Where do you like to spend your summer vacations?  I’d love to glean some new places to visit so please feel free to share.



  1. I used to go camping and my sons and husband loved it – I tend to think sleeping on the ground is not a natural thing even with air mattresses. The thing I enjoyed most was the smell of coffee and bacon and eggs in the morning, cooked by my husband, who did his best to get me to stay “just one more day”. Your post reminded me of those days – glad you will be at b&bs for your next sojourn

    • Yeah, Louann, basically my take home message is this: Camping is still great!! Just the sleeping thing needs to be worked out. Look forward to the B&B’s where there are pillow top beds, and the ocean across the street.

  2. Yes I had a hiking mat that I slept on in my younger days…would not be able to do it now!! But your mini-tri sounds delightful!! Minus the hip pain of course!! I like the B&B “camping route!!

    • Yes, the hip pain stunk… B&B’s are my preferred method of vay-cay.

  3. Argh! I am familiar with the thermo-rest dilemma. First we moved onto blow up mattresses – not much fun if you have bad knees. Last year we finally purchased COTS!!!!!! And of course that meant a tent upgrade. We call it the Taj Ma Tent. I am officially in heaven now when I sleep – I’m not freezing to death, I’m not in pain, and I can actually get up if I have to go to the bathroom in the night. But I admit – we’ve never taken friends along with us.

    • hey now!! dd wants cots, can you stand it she is 12!! I definitely need to re-adjust the sleeping thing since I don’t want to give up camping. Thanks for the suggestion. Do you use a cot only or add a mattress?

  4. When I camped in Abu Dhabi I had an IKEA camp bed… much better than sleeping on the floor… when we do our triathlon next year, I’ll have the Airstream with it’s brand new, yummy, memory foam pillow top mattresses 🙂
    Your mini-tri sounds like it was fun!!!

    • I’ll have to look into the IKEA camp bed, sound luxe. You and your silver bullet will be totally rocking the style scene at the tri 🙂

      • Can’t wait!

  5. Hip pain from sleeping on the ground√. Yep, know about that. I got lucky last October in a Smoky Mtns campground, as the above noise is what you come to expect camping, and nary a sound, even tho the campground was full, the sites next to us were no-shows, and it was heaven. But, the hips, ugh! Can’t believe all you do, Anna, you are amazing!

    • Yay for the no-shows! It was actually MUCH better on Sun. night since most of the place left. Next campout will be better sleeping *rest” assured.

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