Posted by: oceannah | June 22, 2012

Homestead Happenings 22June

scapes are ON!

scape scene take two

The garlic scapes are ready, and we harvested all of them yesterday.  This is a bit complicated, as they now need to be processed into pesto…while simultaneously picking up kids, taking them swimming, preparing for a camping trip, watering the garden, and on and on…missed a scheduled swim yesterday due to over scheduling and realized I’d double booked Sunday.  Camping.  While I know I will enjoy, nay…require the down time, simply getting out the door is a large job.

buckets of scapes and possibly the last proper harvest of strawberries

savoy starting to head up

reds aren’t looking too shabby either

dark purple delphinium

milkweed flower aka, monarch butterfly habitat

lambs ears, always a nice addition to a bouquet

verbena, always a favorite here

Other news here:  The corn is loving the hot weather we’re having.  Unfortunately a small rabbit is loving the corn.  There may just be a need to get my Elmer J. Fudd on 😉  Ripped out the peas, since the weather got hot and they were winding down anyhow.  Fall flats are coming in nicely.  Pulled out a couple ‘cheater’ garlics and they are tasting really yummy.  Black raspberries should be the mother load this year…which will make up for the crappy showing the reds are offering.  Black currants are nearing their time too 🙂  So much to do…thankfully the days are nice and long.

May your weekend be filled with delicious food, excellent company and lots of sunshine.


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  1. beware of raccoons in your corn – we lost ours a few years ago to the little rascals – it was heartbreaking for my son

    • Thankfully we grow a successful corn harvest every year without ‘coons sneaking in. Right now there’s a baby rabbit sneaking in through the wire though 😦

  2. Hooray for garlic scapes!!! My favorite food here in Hangzhou 🙂 Anna, Anna… how does your garden grow? 😀

    • I know you love them Sandi! Made some delicious scape pesto for the campout…was a big hit!

  3. Wow your garden looks fantastic

    • Thanks so much…it grows us a lot of yummy food.

  4. Your garden is amazing! i cant wait to get ours up and running! hows the diet going?

    • Thanks Shannon, diet doing well…having fun with the tri training. Look forward to your garden pics :O

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