Posted by: oceannah | June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice Greetings

Summer time hit full throttle yesterday.  Temperatures in the 90’s with higher humidity.  I’ll take it any day over the rains.  Golden Sun, so bright and cheery.  So many hours to spend outdoors.  Getting ready for a camping trip and finishing up a few last planting chores.  All in all a good day. Hope your having an outstanding beginning to your summer…or winter, for those on the other side of the hemisphere 😉





  1. Happy Summer Solstice to you – and have a great camping trip too!

    • It will be nice to GET to the camping…the pre-camping planning/cooking/chores are a bit much feeling like I could use two more sets of hands 😉

      • Oh, I hear ya Sista!
        (Any chance of getting those other family members doing your “nonessentials”? ; )

      • They’re quite helpful, thankfully, just some stuff that I alone must do, mostly my training and getting the food organized.

  2. It was a lovely last day home. I’m in the air right now, will be landing in your State in 45 minutes or so 🙂
    Short layover then flight to Beijing.

    • Welcome to NY Sandi. Sorry your vacation has come to an end…Wait’ll you get home and start reading some tri books…I got two yesterday and I am so daunted….turns out I know zilch about biking and swimming…and perhaps even less about running. rather steep learning curve. All new lingo and gear, did I mention gear??? whooooweee. I found a tri club that trains about an hour from here…have to look at schedules and all to see if it would work for me.
      Safe home! looking forward to all your great pics you’ll share of your very busy Fl visit 🙂

  3. We are planning to go to the cottage the first week of July.. Can’t wait! It’s pretty much camping – the only cabin on a small island, no running water or electricity. It’s heaven.

    • That sounds totally wonderful! I’ve lived without electric/running water at different times in my life. These days, I do have a fond appreciation for a tap that runs hot water though 🙂

  4. Joyous Solstice Anna!

    • Thanks Luv…twas a lovely one indeed.

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