Posted by: oceannah | June 19, 2012

Ducky Day

Everything here is just ducky…  Although the weather could be a wee bit sunnier for my taste.  Down by the river I found a flotilla of mallard ducks and they seemed to be having a wonderful time.  I pity the poor critters as soon the summer tourists will arrive with their loaves of day old white bread 😦

Have yourselves a ducky day!



  1. I’ve always wondered why some people feel compelled to feed wild animals. How is it a good thing to make any (formerly) self sufficient organism dependant on us for anything – especially something that doesn’t even remotely resemble food? :S

    • Ugh, right? Wonder bread is not even a food for petesake.

  2. We have ducks and geese here as well. I love the little ones, so quick. Not so fond of the goose droppings on the lawn though.

    • Yeah, goose poop is pretty yucky, agreed.

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