Posted by: oceannah | June 16, 2012

Grey Fox Speaks

Grey Fox Pair
image: Wikipedia

For the past three days in a row I have seen Grey Fox.  First just a brushy tail threading through the field.  The following day I spied a lovely fox about 100 yards away crossing the street that I was walking on.  But last night while on an after dinner stroll with the pup a grey fox popped out of the brush about 10 feet from us.  We all stopped.  I was so thrilled and did not want the moment to end.  The fox, to his or her credit was very dignified about the whole affair.  Slowly turned around as if to say, “Ah, yes I meant to go that way.”  While to some this may sound like merely a bit of exciting happenstance, to me, it means more.  I see fox sign all the time…it is indeed a very rare occurrence to see a fox, let alone three days in a row.

Medicine Cards assign the characteristic of camouflage to grey fox.  Being capable of melting into the world around you is a gift for those who enjoy ‘people watching’ or observing wildlife in their natural habitat.    “Fox medicine involves adaptability, cunning, observation, integration, and swiftness of thought and action.”*  Medicine Cards also indicate that grey fox stands for protection of the family.  It turns out that this is a particularly apt application of the presence of grey fox in my life.  Wednesday my daughter had a bad fall and seriously sprained her right ankle.  We just completed a 9 week course of cam-boot and PT on her left ankle.  Last night she had a terrible fever with requisite bouts of prolonged vomiting.

The camouflage aspect of grey fox speaks to me in this way:  Work toward adapting greater skills at being present without being obtuse.  Become more cunning, like fox, at being part of the scene without necessarily being seen.  To be of service without the need for recognition, surely that is much the work of any mama of a child in need.  “Fox medicine teaches the art of Oneness through its understanding of camouflage. This applies on all levels, from rocks to God. With Fox medicine, you are being asked to see all types of uses for Oneness.”*  May this reminder from Spirit bring me closer to that Oneness.


*quotes from:  Medicine Cards  Jamie Sams and David Carson


  1. I love foxes. I keep waiting for one to show up around my house. Not yet though. 😦

    • they love chicken 😉

      • I have two cats and a giant dog. That might be the reason I don’t have any foxes. 🙂

      • 🙂 Actually, you probably have them around, they are very adaptable and sly.

  2. My husband saw a gray fox in our yard this week…and we live a mile from downtown Dover!

    • Hey Grandma that’s awesome!! My aunt used to live on Atlantic Ave in Dover. Many fond memories there.


  3. Hope your daughter is on the mend! I get excited to see a bird in my birdbath. I’d flip to see a fox. I’ve seen coyotes around here though.

    • Kaye, DD is well now, thanks. I love seeing all the animals, great or small.

  4. How awesome that you listen to what the universe is telling you 🙂
    I hope your daughter is feeling better xo

    • Thanks Sandi, Some days my hearing is better than others. 😉

  5. Love it! How do you know so much about everything! 🙂 Hope your daughter is feeling better now and not in too much pain. xoxo

    • Ahh Sonia, if only it were true 😉 I know a few things…always learning. DD is up an at ’em again.

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