Posted by: oceannah | June 11, 2012

Now That’s What I’m Talking About, Strawberries By The Pound

Third times a charm here! A nice full basket of berries for today.

Well, there’s finally a nice big bunch of berries to DO something with.  Wouldn’t you know it the electric company had the electricity off all morning for repairs.  It just came back on.  So my jam-a-thon will have to come a bit later today.  That’s almost 7 pounds of strawberries 🙂  The basket weighs about 1/4 # or so.  Looking forward to jammin’.

Other than all that, it’s a lift day chest/shoulders/triceps/abs and swim for 15 minutes bike for 26 (?)  It’s a funny number because of the training program I’m following, it goes up incrementally.  All that’s left on the training schedule is to swim.  Had a delicious lunch that evaporated before photos were possible.  Lifting and biking on coffee  and a few eggs, I found myself ravenous come lunch.  Sauted up half an onion, a green pepper, the very last asparagus, a few mushrooms, garlic and 4 ounces of chicken.  Sprinkled on a bit of salsa and made fresh guacamole then plopped half of that on top!  Yum.

The Black Raspberries are huge this year.  Taking over a large section of the yard.  But they are the tastiest most plump berries around, so we let them have their way.  They’re coming along…

Black Raspberry volunteer has taken up residence, and we’ve been letting it sprawl

green will soon be changing to deepest darkest purple black


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  1. Oh YUM! They should be ready up here any day now – can’t wait: ))
    Been there with the black raspberries (can’t remember who referred to them as “thugs of the patch”; ) but we’ve still got one under the grape trellis who’s been in residence for close to a decade now…

    • You’ll find no complaints from us about the thug-ish nature of the brambling beauty. I yields gallons of tasty sweet berries and requires precisely zero maintenance. Unlike the red raspberries across the yard that need to have the old canes cut each year and mulch and blah. Also those lovely reds are doing extremely poorly this year. Many, perhaps 50% of the new canes did not leaf out?! Enjoy your berries when they come, it’s a short season.

      • Not sure how well the strawberries will bear around here this year – they kind of got whacked by the same false spring/late freeze that knocked back the early apple bloom. Raspberries also seem a little less rambunctious than normal.
        Noticed the Cedar Waxwing gang going into our volunteer Mulberry tree yesterday, so I guess it’s time to have a look. The fruit’s not very big (probably some compost would help) but they sure are tasty for such funny looking, scrunched-up little things and I love the shape of their leaves – almost as much as Gingko…

  2. I would be in smoothie heaven with all that yummy fruit! I have never had black raspberries but I am sure that they are wonderful.

    xoxo, Julie

    • Oh my daughter has made herself a few smoothies already. Although we have tons of fruit I eat a very modest amount. So far I’ve had one half cup of sliced berries w/ cream (the added fat helps the sugars from hitting the bloodstream full-on) and one or two on other days. Smoothies or any purified food for that matter is a bit of a sugar bomb ie: the sugars are faster acting since they are (essentially) predigested, and play havoc w/ my bg. Still, I grow berries since they are loaded w/ antioxidants and low on the glycemic index as far as fruit is concerned. AND because they grow here. Last time I had a banana tree in my yard I lived several hundred miles south of here 😉

  3. Amazing garden, Anna! Makes me want some berries!!

    • Sandi, you should have no problem finding good tasty berries while you’re in FL. I still can’t believe you bought the airstream!! Make NY a stop on your tour eh?

      • I will totally make a stop in NY!

  4. I’m planning to go berry picking and make jam this weekend. Looking forward to it.

    • Oh how fun. You still have a few younguns that’ll pick with you…mine has the social calendar of a 20 something without the license to drive yet….and here that means the mom-taxi, nothing is nearby. Went from one county for a friends BatMitzvah to another this weekend for a 13 b’day sleepover.
      Happy Berrying!

  5. Ohmygoshyum

    • Indeed, yummy.


  6. Strawberries seem really early this year…I am making strawberry/rhubarb crisp tonight!! yum!

    • I think everything is a bit off kilter with the wild weather we’ve been having. There won’t be much of an apple harvest here w/ so many flowers being blown out by frost…after they opened during that hot spell. Strawberry rhubarb crisp sounds delish 🙂

  7. My raspberries are still small. I surely hope they will turn into what yours looks like! Do you trim them at all after harvesting? Or let them go wild?

    • The black raspberries (volunteers) are never trimmed and always bear heavily. The reds are more finicky and I trim the dead canes annually.

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