Posted by: oceannah | June 10, 2012

Training Schedule Week One In The Bag

I’ve done it.  Made up my mind to train for a triathlon.  It’s a pretty big deal and I really think it will be a lot of fun.  I am also simultaneously in a fitness challenge that will last the next 11 weeks.  I have a lot to learn about the sport of  triathlon.  I’m sure there is more to it than just swimming, biking and running…So here’s how my first week looked:

Training Schedule Week of 3 June to 9 June 2012

Mon- lift= legs, back, biceps, calves   swim=15 minutes   bike=30 minutes (3.4mi)

Tues- run=30 min.  walk=45 min.

Wed- lift= chest, shoulders, triceps, abs   swim=16 min.   run=30 min

Thur- bike= 40 min (6 mi)

Fri- lift= legs, back, biceps, calves   swim=20 min   run=30 min

Sat- run=30 min   walk=45min

Sun- off

4 June Lift legs-back biceps-calves set/rep/weight in #

Deadlift- 3/10/40-50-50

Leg extension- 3/10-8/50-60-60

Bb bentover row- 3/10/30-40-40

Leg curl- 3/10/37.5-37.537.5

Lat machine- 3/10-8-8/ 50-60-60

Calf raise- 3/10/12-15-15

Bb curl- 3/10/20-30-30

Traveling lung- 3/10/ 40-40-40

Seated db curl- 3/10/12-12-12

Negative pullup-5

Back extension-3/10/bw

Pushup full prone- 3/3/bw

Swiss ball crunch-2/15/bw

Reverse crunch- 2/15/bw


6 June Lift chest-shoulders-triceps-abs- set/rep/weight in #

Bench press- 3/8/40-40-40

Db fly- 3/8/10-12-12

Side lateral- 3/8/10-10-10-

Tri pushback- 3/8/8-8-8

Overhead tricep- 3/8/10-12-12

Swiss ball crunch- 3/15/bw

Reverse crunch- 3/15/bw

Arm extension- 3/8/10-12-12

Overhead press- 3/8/10-20-20

Pushups full prone- 3/3/bw

Negative pullup-5


8 June Lift legs-back biceps-calves set/rep/weight in #

Deadlift- 3/8/40-50-60

Leg extension- 3/10-8-8/60-70-80

Bb bentover row- 3/10-8-10/40-50-50

Leg curl- 3/10-8-8/37.5-50-50

Lat machine- 3/10/60-60-60

Calf raise- 3/10/30-40-50

Bb curl- 3/10/30-30-30

Traveling lung- 3/10/ 40-40-40

Seated db curl- 3/7-8-8/15

Negative pullup-5

Back extension-3/10/bw

Pushup full prone- 3/3/bw

Swiss ball crunch-2/15/bw

Reverse crunch- 2/15/bw

Goal with lifting is to consistently lift heavier.  Goal for the tri training, to run/swim/ride farther each time out.

Nutrition-  VLC calorie cycling which means 3 days of eating at about a 20% deficit of Total Daily Energy Expenditure or TDEE, and one day at TDEE which for me is 2019 cal/day.

Well, I thought MFP would allow me to access my whole week.  It appears that once I complete the day, it is not available to see the cals.  Next week I’ll have to jot it down at the end of each day.  I’ve not done too well eating at 1600.  Most days were in the 1200-1300 range.  I only eat 3 meals/day, no snacks.  Yesterday and today were better.  Yesterday was 1460 and today is 1570.  I eat less than 100g carbs per day (usually about 50/60) all carbs from non starchy vegetables, no cereal grains at all,  and up to 80g fat with up to 120g protein.

Here are my results from last week to this week:

Stats for Summer Burn 2012

3 June 2012

Weight:  155.2#

Fat: 38.7% (navy method)

LBM: 95.14

Fat mass: 60.06

Measurements in inches

Bust 39

Hips 38.5

Waist (at narrowest) 36.75

Belly button 39

Thigh 23.5

Upper arm 13

Neck 12

10 June 2012


     Weight:  153.4/ -1.8#

Body Fat- 37.8/ -.9

Fat mass- 57.98/ -2.08

LBM- 95.41/ +.27

Bust 39/ same

Hips 38/ -.5in

Waist (at narrowest) 36.25/ -.5

Belly button 38.5/ -.5

Thigh 23/ -.5

Upper arm 13/same

Neck 12/same

So good to have a loss of body fat and a gain, even if small, in lean body mass.  The challenging part will be to sustain/replicate these results every week for the next 11 weeks.  When I do that I will be at my goal.  Leaner, stronger, fitter.

I scheduled in a good rest which I’m finding is very important with this amount of training.  Saturday morning I only did a one mile run in the morning followed by a nice massage.  The remainder of the weekend is chill time.  Not back in gym til Monday morning.

Them’s the stats folks…





  1. I am SO excited about the tri 🙂

    I will start my training in 2 weeks!

    • WOOOHOOO for US eh? Great job on the 5K my friend. Look forward to see how you slice up your training.

  2. whew I am tired looking at your training!!! The loosing weight thing is getting me…I am at 154…would love to get 10 lbs off…not sure I am eating enough…but sure feels like it. not much in the carb realm, at least the processed. occasionally eat oatmeal, but stay away from most other carbs as much as I can. Glad you are training for the tri!!! my first is in one month…yikes…

    • You’ll do so awesome and you have a whole entire month!! I use the Katch/McArdle calculator to determine calorie needs. You’ll need to know your body fat and if you google Navy Method of fat % you should be able to figure it out easily enough. Somewhere in my blog I have all the links, but ooops, I don’t remember where..(bad blog hostess?) You’re very fit, so 10# should not take too long to burn off. I’m doing the BFFM summer challenge which is another reason I’m working so hard. I’d love to get down 20 # more…130’s would be da bomb for me. Good luck, I think you’re wise to limit your carbs.

  3. You are awesome !!

    • Why, thank you very much…what a totally great way to start the new week 🙂

  4. finally losing weight again!! good for you 🙂

    • yah, finally. Glad to see you Shannon. Belated Happy Birthday.

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