Posted by: oceannah | June 9, 2012

Mendelian Morning













While looking at these pea flowers I could not help but think of Gregor Mendel, father of genetics and the law of Mendelian Inheritance.  Now that we’ve cracked the genome this pea work looks like child’s play, but it was very important developmentally forward movement.  Mendel did not live to receive his just acclaim, but that did not deter him from his work… a little lesson there I know I am oft’ in need of reminding.

HaPEA Weekend everybody.


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  1. Very punny! Nice photos, too.

    • Thanks… I am particularly prone to puns…amongst other things 😉

  2. had to go back and find the pun – am a little slow today – pea blossoms are beautiful

    • hahah 🙂 more coffee?

  3. Beautiful photos Anna! I am so not a science person at all or atleast I say I’m not but I sure love all living things!

    • Thanks we all have our niches/calling eh?

  4. hope you have a good weekend too!

    • Thanks a bunch, so far so good.


  5. I love pea flowers! My nickname for my granddaughter is “sweet pea”

    • awww…I’ll bet she is super sweet too 🙂

  6. Mm,mm lovely… I can almost smell them from here and SO delicate (almost thought that first shot was of a Lady Slipper: ) maybe I should go look on the desktop, eh?
    And your backlighting? *sigh* SO romantic…

    • Ya know Deb, I was out hunting up the Pink Lady Slippers we usually have in the woods here, but nuttin’ Not sure if I’m early or late or if like some other plants the incredibly odd warm winter/early hot, dry spring just corn-fused the little lovelies. I love Lady Slippers 🙂

      • Ah, you’re SO lucky to have them nearby… Good luck with your search (hope you haven’t missed them)): D.

      • I know….I guard them jealously and miss them dearly. If they show up, I’ll be sure to post pics. I also have a wild private hideout of Am. Ginseng that the ‘sang hunters have never found yet. 🙂

  7. What gorgeous photos! Stunning!

    • Thanks Stephanie, glad you like them.

  8. From the the law of Mendelian Inheritance, to fitness goals and training for a triathlon, to harvesting pounds of strawberries, I wonder, do you have time to sleep? Course, it helps to be young, and I’m blooming late!

    • Hahah…Well actually sleeping is a primary goal of mine. I aim for a minimum of seven hours a night. It is well known that sleep deprivation torques up cortisol levels, which, if you are a person wishing to lose some weight, you want low cortisol levels. I’ll be 49 at the end of the month, so not so young, not so old… What’s actually the biggest time saver of all is not working outside the home 😉 When I gave that up I found loads of time.

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