Posted by: oceannah | June 8, 2012

Homestead Happenings Friday Photo Review

It’s been a busy week and thankfully the rains have mostly ceased.  I saw my fifth rainbow of the season last evening!  I’m dubbing this spring the rainbow spring in its honor. So here’s what’s been happening at our place:

Tuesday I harvested the first batch of strawberries. The birds (even with netting) are still taking more than their share, this basket should be full! A wee bit of salad mix a few snow peas and a handful of scallions.

There are plenty of berries…I hear that old adage about the early bird…In this case getting the strawberries

Mess o’ peas. We often miss the window on pea planting since we frequently still have snow on the ground in early March, but not this year, yes that is a crutch in the mix.  They are from many years ago when hubby broke his leg.  They make a great pea trellis with some twine.

Second cut in waiting.

Not a squash blossom, the Stella D’oro day lilies are opening up.

The second batch of strawberries this week, these are from yesterday. Also the very very last of the asparagus and some true Greek oregano as well as sage.

I love scallions and always grow them. I pack them in very tight as you can see then pluck the nice plump ones which allows space for the others to come on.

cleome  Have a great Friday all .  *anna  linked to The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post # 25









  1. Beautiful!

    • Thanks so much Amy.

  2. Stunning

  3. I love your garden! June in Ontario means seedlings and small plants mostly but next month things will go crazy.

    • Thanks. I know what you mean about going crazy, here it’s not all that different except by a few weeks on either end.

  4. Beautiful and yummy fruits and veggies!

    • tasty too 🙂

  5. Your garden is doing great and I love that beautiful basket!

    • Thanks, it’s coming along…basket was made years ago and has done great service, but it’s got a bit of missing spot in one section.
      Thanks for stopping by crankypuppy.

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