Posted by: oceannah | June 5, 2012

The Britches Edition

These are my ‘gardening’ pants.  I bought them a while back from the local Salvation Army on half price day, they cost $2.00.  They are nice heavy weight cotton duck climbing pants from Kavu.

Last summer, I filled these babies out…full, very full.  They originally came with a cool web belt, that I summarily tossed aside.  What use was that thing anyhow, I couldn’t even button up the top.  Now I wish I’d saved it.  I can slip these pants off without undoing the button, and thankfully my garden is very private since I have a bad case of ‘plumber cleavage’ when I bend down….but it hasn’t frightened off any weeds or pests, dang.

So, it’s time for some new gardening pants.  Any suggestions?  They have to be sturdy, with double knees is a bonus!  These Kavu’s have a double seat.  The ideal pair should also be thrifty!  Color is not terribly important, except no red.  Send in your suggestions 😉

Just so you don’t think, “Oh man, I came all the way over to the homestead to look at a pair of crusty ol’ garden britches,” c’mon…I know that’s what you were thinking…Here’s a few lovelies that are in full bloom today as a parting gift.


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  1. I seriously need a pair of gardening pants, so I’m looking forward to suggestions that come in. I loathe shopping.

    • I’ll keep you posted if I get some good hints. I hate shopping too…my older sister got all the shopping genes and I lucked out w/ the gardening genes…now for some new gardening jeans 😉

  2. No suggestions sorry, but congratulations! You are literally floating in those! 🙂

    • Thanks DD…It’s funny and kind of shocking to think they used to be filled up w/ moi!

  3. The uglier the better – and good for you!

  4. Hahaha… I’ll have to add that to my list 🙂

  5. Sexy, saggy britches, lol 🙂

    • I don’t know about that first part but definitely saggy 😉

  6. Outstanding! Congrats.

  7. yay, dont you love it when things are baggy and you get to buy new ones lol!! sorry no suggestions for new ones! maybe make your own? sew some elbow patches onto your knees? haha you can see how much I know about sewing….

    • I love that they are too large now, for sure Shannon, just wish I could find another as cheap and sturdy.

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