Posted by: oceannah | June 4, 2012

The Show Must Go On, and what a show!

This Bud’s For You

The rain has continued to inundate us here in upstate NY.  Making it difficult to do anything outside or plan any activity like a bike ride or even *gasp* BLOG! I have a satellite dish and for internet here in the boonies, and when it rains I have no service.

But Mother Nature’s glorious show goes on apace…  The Rugosa roses are blooming.  These were planted 2 years ago and while we love the giant rose hips the scent of the roses cannot be beat.

Full Bloom













foxgloves frolicking at my front window


Polemonium, Jacob’s Ladder

When the sun peeks out I run out and see what’s up in the world outside.  I can’t stand the constant on and off with the jacket and sitting around in damp clothes or changing every time I want to go outside gets old and makes tons of laundry…so I’ve been in more than I care for.  Although heading out I am rewarded with such lovely flowers that it’s all worth it.  Yesterday late in the afternoon there was yet another HUGE rainbow.  Perhaps one of the biggest, it was high and wide.  This is number 4 for me this spring.

There’s another rainbow in my front yard

Very much beauty in this great big world.  But honestly, I could use a spell of dry weather.  I hope the weather in your corner of the world is suitable to you today.



  1. Gorgeous!

    • thanks Sandra

  2. Pretty! We’ve been sharing weather patterns. But with a little bit of sun, the garden should start blooming in full force.

    • I hear you! Once the sun comes out it’s gonna be a free for all 🙂

  3. Last day here in Arizona… Preddicted high here is 102 degrees, at home…52 degrees and rainy… But running out here is so hard with temps in the 80’s even early in the morning…right now it is 89 enjoying the breakfast on the patio!

    • oooh la la… breakfast on the patio sounds divine. My training schedule has me biking today and swimming…so far all I’ve done is lift. Not totally satisfied w/ that either…moved over from whole body to split and not sure I like it. Enjoy the warmth, here it’s rather chilly w/ the rains. Safe home 🙂

      • Thanks Anna, made it home safe…still in pj’s trying to motivate for something…

      • Give yourself time to readjust. I know when I travel it throws me out of whack on many fronts. PJ’s sound like a great start.

  4. You seem to be like my hubby – always finding rainbows.

    • They just keep popping up everywhere this spring…it’s been so incredibly rainy here…alas, we do need it. Practically zero snow this winter so we went into spring dry.

  5. The Rugosa Rose is bootiful!!!!! 🙂 Reminds me of my Grandma’s garden. xoxo

    • Thanks Sonia, they smell heavenly too.

  6. The flowers are gorgeous and your front yard is huge!

    • Thanks Sandi. Hope you’re having a great time in FL.

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