Posted by: oceannah | June 2, 2012

Goldilocks Moment In the Garden

Somebody’s been eating my strawberries

That’s exactly what I said yesterday morning on my coffee stroll through the garden…daily inventory if you will, no bar codes required 😉

From the looks of things, it’s bird damage.  I had a tangled mass of bird netting that I’d removed from the raspberry patch and it’s full of leaves and twigs, as well as rumpled and torn in places…twas all I had.  So I started there.  Then I bought another section of netting and spread it over the remaining berries.

We have 5 short rows strawberries

and one long row that hugs the fence and is a bit of a sprawling mass of berries:

All are the Honey-O variety.  Delicious berries!  But action was needed to avert a crop loss.  Generally I don’t have a problem with sharing but the birds are a bit too greedy for my taste.  If left un-netted, I’d likely end up with no strawberries.

So now, the annoyance of netting.

Let them eat worms…

It’s not all bad news in the garden.  The corn is UP!!

And some of the flowers are starting to bloom!

the simple beauty of a cosmo

Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. I just have about 12 plants, but I think I better get some netting! Thanks for the reminder. You nurse along a handful of berries and you don’t want them all eaten before you get to.

    • Kaye, no matter one or a hundred plants…we want all the berries to ourselves 🙂 right?


  2. Awww, birdies just trying to share in your bounty 🙂

    So nice to see your garden grow xoxo

    • NO!! bad birdies… I wonder if they play angry humans?

  3. I envy your garden, I gave up after two years of no green beans thanks to the Japanese beetles…it is amazing how quickly they decimate the crop!

  4. My tomatoes can relate. Pesky, beautiful, rotten, sweet little rascals!

  5. The birds were eating my berries too! I looked it up and found that birds eat your berries when their thirsty not hungry, we put a bird bath up and so far so good. Good luck with your garden

    • That is very interesting…however, it has been extreeeeeeemly rainy here so it is not possible the birds lack water. I’ll keep it in mind for when things dry out.

  6. I really hate discovering garden marauders! Those bright green caterpillars that dessimate? I hateses them!!! I want to grow raspberries, they’re incredibly expensive to buy here, but I think I’d lose my shizz if I discovered they’d been snaffled from under my nose…. Oh, garden adventures!

    • I’m with you there. Raspberries can be propagated very simply if you have a friend that has some that are tasty you can easily and cheaply get plant that way.

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