Posted by: oceannah | June 1, 2012


a gift for having endured days on end of rain

That little mnemonic is how I taught dd the colors of the rainbow/prism.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  Conditions were perfect just last evening for the making of a rainbow.  I’d just put the dinner on the table and the sun popped out.  I ran out the front door, expecting to see a rainbow, and I was not disappointed!  This is the third rainbow we’ve seen this spring.  Not every rainy day will have a rainbow, but it kind of makes up for everything being so soggy and the grass being like a jungle, I mean, who really cares how tall the grass is while gazing up at this beautiful sight?  I hope your weekend is bright as a rainbow.





  1. Beautiful! And definitely a gift for enduring the rain 🙂

    • endure we did…
      next will be to endure the heat 😉

  2. I remember well the days before digital, grabbing a shot of a rainbow, and wondering (till the prints came back) if the film picked up the rainbow you could plainly see with your eyes, and often it didn’t. Thanks for posting! In So. Cal, we don’t get to see too many of these.

    • Ahhhh the good old days of silver & film. I used to love the darkroom 🙂 such alchemy afoot! Definitely some of that is sacrificed on the Dig alter of instant gratification…to me at least.
      Happy to share.

  3. I always think of RoyGBiv as well 🙂 I do want to paint my nails in all the colours of the rainbow one day just to pay homage to the RoyGBiv thing! But I need three other colours to fill it out…maybe white, black and some other colour…lol

    • hahah… how about roygbiv then each of the three others paint all rainbows?

  4. unexpected rainbows are the best – and most are unexpected

    • By now I’m getting pretty good at determining when the rainbow may appear. later int he day, when the skies are slightly clearing but it may still be raining lightly…no great science there ;o

  5. I love rainbows!!!!

  6. That’s how I learned the colors of the rainbow too! What a special sight to see. When the sun comes out and there’s still a little rain falling, I always look for a rainbow. (By the way, we had 5 inches of rain last night!)
    Oh – thanks for visiting and commenting today. That body of water is actually a small river. It flows into a larger one just past the marina.
    Have a good weekend!

    • WOW 5 inches! We have had so much rain here, all in May. I love your blog Dianna, serene and beautiful 🙂

  7. Beautiful blog and picture of the rainbow in this article. I will be back for more. Thank you

    • Thanks a bunch ezd! You’re always welcome to come set a spell…

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