Posted by: oceannah | May 29, 2012

Weight Training

Lift routine for Monday

trying for heavier weights.

front sq. push press- 12reps@ 20#, 12@ 30#, 12@30#

step up- (18inches) 10@30#, 10@30#, 10@40# (10 ea. leg)

db one point row- 10@ 8#, 10@10#, 10@ 10#

pushup- off weight bench, 3 sets 10 –  full prone 1, 2, 1 at beginning of ea. set

static lunge- 12@10, 12@10, 12@10 (10ea. leg)

cable cross- 10@10, 10@12, 10@ 12 (es side)

plank- 60 sec. in 3 attempts, 30/20/10

decline pullup- 5 each

added in some of the machines at the gym just to see if it helps at all:  these are cybex machines that isolate muscles.

lat-50#x8 for 2 set

chestpress-40# for 8 for 3set

hamstring thing- 25#x10, 37.5#x8

quads- 50#x8 for 2 70#x5

I don’t really like the machines at the gym too much.

The stats are a bit of a train wreck.  There are a lot of nuances I still don’t fully understand.  For instance I know I am up on scale weight, but the idea that I could lose 3.2 pounds of lean body mass seems a bit over the top for a 10 day stint of being sick.  I think that, like many things the body fat calculators, scales, and lean mass calculators are good slaves, but poor masters.

I have a thought that I may…just may…take a 90 day break from weighing myself on the scale.  I’m doing a a fitness challenge that begins next week and goes for 98 days.  The goal is to achieve the greatest transformation possible in that time.  Transforming from excess body fat to lean body mass in particular, and also for definition of muscle.  The scale hangs me up since it puts me in a funk when the numbers bounce around.  Thus doing without it is a possibility worthy of serious consideration.  I will be using the tape measure still, since my main goal is lbm/fitness.

I’ve also agreed to sign up for a triathlon.  This is 14 months away, so a long term goal for sure, but not to be taken lightly.  I already swim and ride my bike.  I’ve not been on a real run outside since I got sick.  My dd is out of her camboot and I believe we are going to partner up and do the C2/5K program from the beginning, at least that is what she said yesterday…She is nearing 13 though and I’m learning how tenuous things can be for that age 😉  I haven’t yet broken my two mile run without taking some small breaks in mile two.

Today, Tuesday is a cardio day.  There will be a swim for 30 minutes of laps, and a bike ride to get the mail (6 miles of hilly terrain).  Not to mention the mowing…our grass is so tall from all that rain and could not be mowed that it now takes two passes to get the grass cut.  I did the front yard yesterday.  Today is the back.

Stats May 28, 2012

Weight—  154.2    same

Waist—   37.5in. same

Thigh—23 up .5”

Arm—13 in  same

Hip—38 in. 38 same

Bellybutton—39  in up .5 inches

Chest—39in.  same

Body Fat 40.4 % up 1/1%

Fat Mass— 62.3  up 1.7#

LBM—   92.0  down 3.2

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend…




  1. I think you’re doing just fine. Might be a good idea to not weigh daily if it is putting you in a funk… If the tape measure is showing good results, that should be enough… If not, you might want to step on for a peek every couple weeks.

    • Thanks Sandi, tape measure works for better sanity. Best to keep the eye on overall fitness…tri is already helping w. that.

  2. You’re doing great Anna. Yeah, it might be a good idea not to weigh in daily, especially if it takes away from your motivation. Your workouts are awesome! 🙂

    • Thanks Julie, My workouts ARE pretty awesome, I’d have to agree, which is why it’s so frustrating to not be seeing some shake on the scale…although today it’s down a wee bit.

  3. Muscle is 10x as dense as fat; it’s how you FEEL that matters, so just relax (please?: )

    • awwww thanks so much for your kindness and relaxing vibesDeb… I think it sounds worse than it is. Muscle is heavier/denser than fat, but not quite 10x I think the ratio is a bit closer to 5:1 I’m less and less concerned w/ scale weight, but my concern last week was that body measurements were also up .5 inches…hips and waist. I don’t mind so much in the hips since generally they are the same as my waist… Wouldn’t mind a little more booty 😉

  4. I have tried to use certain pairs of pants as a gauge on how I am doing…and remember muscle does weigh more!!

    • Thanks Grandma, The more I get into the lifting aspect, the less I think the scale will be a useful tool. Had an un-official start to my triathlon training yesterday, just testing things out to see how it all feels.


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