Posted by: oceannah | May 26, 2012

Take this scale and shove it…

Shove it out the window…

Shove it out the door…

Shove it in the trash…

It don’t serve me anymore….

Just get it out of my life!

Maybe I’m just cranky because the Barred owls woke me up at 4am with their boisterous calling.  But seriously, I cannot seem to catch any break with that effing scale lately.

I did attack from Mon-Fri and gained a pound!  Huh??  PP and coffee for five days and that’s the thanks I get.  Hrmph.

I lifted weights M-W-F.  I did cardio all days, two days this week I did two types of cardio swimming and biking.

I gave up grains.

What more do I have to do is the sixty four thousand dollar question du jour.

I weighed myself (as I do every day) and the bleepity bleep scale blinked out to me in the pre-dawn hush 155.2#  I have effing gained MORE weight???  Honestly, I am so flummoxed and frustrated that I just don’t even want to think about it.  Folks, I know you may be right if you post not to worry, it’s probably water, you need to eat more, less, eat this that…etc… I just cannot figure this puzzle out and it has left me feeling really demoralized.  It’s true I was very sick.  It’s also true that I’m now better.  It’s true that I have metabolic syndrome/IR,  it’s also true that I’ve managed to lose close to 50#’s in the last year.  For whatever godforsaken reason, my body is saying NO to more loss now and I hate that.  H.a.t.e.  it.

I know that in my particular situation (IR) calories in/calories out is not a prescription that will produce the same results as they will for a person without glucose instability.  I know this, yet it still knocks me for a loop when I have to sit in the fullness of that reality.

Friends, I hope your weekend is off to a much better start than mine 😉  Thanks for all your fun and interesting comments this past week.  Your participation in my little bloggy adventure makes me smile and brings me joy even when the scale is a thorn in my butt 🙂  Onward…




  1. Two suggestions — start measuring yourself, and get calipers so you can do bodyfat measurements. When I did P90X the very first time, I gained 7lb but lost two sizes. It is possible you gained some muscle, depending on your fitness level in the recent past. I can’t find my own calipers, but I do measure myself almost every day, so when the measurements change, I know. I also have a full-length mirror I spend too much time in front of, and of course various test clothes to slip into when I’m feeling negative. After all that, you may just need to focus on your improving weight-lifting stats. My own personal dietary suggestion is to start drinking ice water, lots of it, beginning when you wake up, it broke me out of my plateau last month.

    • Hi Veerukka…thanks a bunch for your suggestions. I DO measure body fat, and use a tape measure weekly. (see monday stats herein). The most troubling aspect is that I’ve gone up in measurement .5 hips & waist and scale weight also…that is not lean body gain…my clothing is off too. Having IR is a special treat insofar as it creates in my body a perfect storm if you will to gain FAT. I’ll add the ice water, what harm! I know overall that my health is SO much more than a number on a scale, but for optimal health I really need to lose more weight, not simply firm up.
      Thanks again Vera.

  2. I do feel for you Anna – Noisy owls! Stupid scales! 😦
    But I will add another possibility to your conundrum – PP days are great but I’ve found that they’ve started to lose their immediate affect. I will lose weight after P&V days but not PP days! Its like I’ve become immune to them, my body says ”oh no, you don’t get me to lose weight like this anymore”. I was looking back over my Dukan History and on the VERY FEW occasions I’ve done mini attacks, the results have taken at least 2 weeks to show up on my losses.
    Take heart, you’re a fighter – fight the good fight! Have a great weekend, enjoy yourself, forget about the scales. Hope you’ve got some sun 🙂 xoxoxo

    • Oh Sonia you dear sweet help. That is such good information…bless you for keeping the kind of records that you can reflect on with such clarity. I am a fighter tis true, but alas a tuckered out one this day. Feeling like my reserves are lower than low…could use a trip to the beach. Last summer I LOST weight on vacation!! I was on Cape Cod for 10 days swimming and biking and kayaking everyday…scrumptious. and there was no scale in our cottage either hmmm 😉 Thanks for your support Sonia, you are a gem!

      • I knew all my record keeping would come in handy some day 🙂 Rest Up! You are still recuperating from that awful cold….. Cut yourself some slack and get some fresh air. Stress isnt good for weight loss either so chill out. Big Hugs Anna xoxo

      • Well said…off to the garden I dutifully go… yogic breathing all the way 🙂

  3. Sending love, light and abundant blessings. Vera and Sonia have both given you excellent suggestions… I’m just gonna send you a hug xxxx

    • thanks so much Sandi…hug received. Spent a few more hours in the garden taking my frustration out on the weeds which are about as plentiful as my aggravation so we were equally matched. 😉

  4. I have a similar relationship with my scales

    • LouAnn, I’m so sorry to hear that. I actually think I need to get rid of the thing altogether it makes me nuts…and not in a good way.

  5. oh no!! get some boxing gloves and print a picture of your scales and punch it!! lol! I feel for you, theres nothing worse than really trying and getting the opposite of what your are trying to acheive. LIke Sonia said, maybe it will show all your effort in a few weeks time!! fingers crossed!! 🙂 x

    • Thanks Shannon. Hopefully it will all come out in the wash as they say.

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