Posted by: oceannah | May 25, 2012

maternity ward al fresco

pregnant heifers in repose

Just shared this on Frugal Days Sustainable Ways Blog Hop, come on over and see a whole bunch of really cool things that folks are sharing…see you there.

Last week I visited my friends house and she has a gorgeous view of the hills.  On one hill nearby the local dairy has their heifer maternity ward.  I could not resist this pastoral bit of beauty.  Happy Friday all.




  1. you have a lovely imagination

  2. For a city girl, this is a sight to behold! If only I were younger and had my own cow. The U.S. government is putting more and more pressure on raw milk drinkers and producers, so it would be heaven to have your own cow. thanks for posting!

    • Kay I’m so glad these lovely ladies brought you joy today. Us raw milk drinkers need to keep the pressure on the gov’t and keep informing everyone that certified raw milk production is a)safe b)a viable direct to consumer method for struggling (and diminishing) dairy farmers c)DEEEE-licious 🙂

  3. They’re beautiful. Cows are very cool creatures 🙂

    • I agree Sandi.

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