Posted by: oceannah | May 24, 2012

Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun Where Are You?

as close as I’m going to get to sunny today

It is raining again.  I’m pretty well done with the rain.

I’ve done two days of attack and lost a measly 2 ounces, which is to say, I did not lose anything for real… Reminding myself it’s about body composition not the number on the scale is a great theory.  But I really would like to see that dang number GO DOWN.

Did a full workout yesterday for the first time in a while since being sick.  It felt great!  Did lift/cardio and was energized afterward which is a welcome change from the dragging my butt around feeling of lo these many days.

Hope everyone is thrilled that it’s Thursday…almost the weekend 🙂 and a big one here in the States.  Memorial Day.  The ‘official’ beginning of summer.  Hurray!




  1. The sun’ll come out, tomorrow… Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow… There’ll be sun…. 🙂

    • ARGHHHHHHHH curses my far flung friend…now that song is stuck in my head. Two noogies 4U…gentle ones though since you’re still on the mend 🙂

      • Ow! If you don’t stop I’ll put another son in your head!

        Your far flung friend…. Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee… 😀

      • OY!!! Yes, remember we just did a production of Grease here…that was CRUEL Sandi, very low down hysterically cruel 🙂 But at least it wasn’t Mooning which was my daughter’s solo number! If I hear that one anytime in the next year I think my ears will blow clean off my head.

      • LOL, I’ll avoid that one then 🙂

  2. Your post made me smile. I always feel the same way when I workout and see the scale just budge a smidgen. Still if you use a measuring tape to see how many inches you have lost, you may be encouraged. Wishing you a sunny day …

    • Thanks, I do use a tape as my main tool these days as well as body composition… My serious main goal is to gain lean body mass while losing fat mass…that does not always translate on the scale. Even so, I like to see the number decrease too. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you had a smile today 🙂

      • Hi there, Just went out and bought “Wheat Belly”. Only had time to peek at the introduction so far but, from what you’ve said here, you may find his observations quite illuminating. ; )

      • Deb, I’m already wheat free and although I haven’t read the book, I’ve read the website and know without a doubt that I must abstain from not only wheat, but all cereal grains. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on wb as you read through it….please share 🙂

      • Deb, Wheat Belly is quite an eye opening book! Make sure you read the whole thing… He gets a bit technical, but worth the read!

  3. our long weekend in Canada was last weekend – it was the Victoria Day weekend – in memory of some dead Queen

  4. Seems my number always goes up when I want it to go down!

    • Yeah…I know Kristina, it seems like such a paradox some days. I do prefer to focus on body composition, and tape measure is useful there…changes are happening for me, just s.l.o.w… It appears that one of my main lessons this go ’round is patience 😉 hang in there.

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