Posted by: oceannah | May 22, 2012

attack it again with stats

After over a week of being sick and not working out, things are pretty grim on the body composition side of things.  That darn elusive 50# loss is still hovering somewhere out there…  True, there wasn’t much I could have done during the cold from hell week+ but it’s pay the fiddler time for that dreaded dance and to kick things off to a rowdy raucous start I will be going back to a three day attack phase, a la Dr. Dukan.  Protein (and coffee, ahem…)  for a few days to re-ignite the fires of the ever so slowly smoldering metabolism.

Yesterday I got my lifting chops back on with Phase 2 workout B from The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I also added in about 5 negative chin ups.  One of my goals is to be able to (again) do chin ups.  Currently, I can’t do a single measly one.  The negative chin up is a training method to get the muscles prepared.  It goes like this:  Using an stool or box or whatever is needed to get your chin to the same height as the bar, then grab the bar using an  underhand grip.  Lift yourself up a bit off stool/box and hold chin at bar height and slowly lower yourself down with control.  Whew!  I can totally feel those 5 I did yesterday in my arms.  In the book they don’t get to negative chin ups till workout 6 or 7…  yeah, I’m the impatient sort, busted.

The stats don’t look so great, but honesty is the best policy…

Stats for May 21, 2012

Weight—  154.2   up  1.8#

Waist—   37 up .5in.

Thigh—22.5 in. same

Arm—13 in  same

Hip—38 in. up .5

Bellybutton—38.5 in up .5 inches

Chest—39in.  same

Body Fat 39.3%

Fat Mass— 60.6  up 3.45#

LBM—   95.25 down 1.65

Date 2012-05-21 Your Body Fat Mass is: 60.6006 pounds 27.5 kg Your Lean Body Mass (LBM) is: 93.5994 pounds 42.5 kg Your Basal Metabolic Rate is: 1289 calories/day

Hope everyone is grooving along on a Tuesday and loving life…that’s what’s doing here.




  1. You will be back in the swing of things before you know it…way to jump right back into it! Have a great week!


    • Sure ’nuff. Thanks for your support Julie.

  2. The reverse chin ups sound intense. I have a personal training session at the gym here on Thursday, I will ask about those!
    Don’t overdue it, you’re healing from that cold!!

    • Negative chin ups are toughies for me…you’ll blow them outta the water mama-san 😉

      • Lol… I’ll give them a try… Got work on that wobbly back of the arm!
        Sandra and I have decided that the 3 of us are running a tri next August (2013) together in Wisconsin… What a great way for all of us to celebrate 50!!! I’ll send you info in the morning… Heheh

  3. Hi Anna, have fun being back on attack … when you start snapping at people for no reason, you know it works 🙂

    • hahah So that’s why it’s called attack…;) got it Moonday.

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