Posted by: oceannah | May 19, 2012

You know you’re a homesteader when…

…You wake up on a sunny spring day and think to yourself (after coffee)…ahhh, what a great day to hang the laundry out.

making hay of a different sort while the sun shines

What about you, how do you plan to spend a lovely spring day?  Aside from laundry we are blessed to have our friends two year old with us all day today….I get to be a ‘granny’ for a day!!  I’m sure there will plenty to keep us busy 🙂  The pup has already made fast friends with N and they are playing ball.  The sound of little feet and puppy paws skittering across the floor is a delight.



  1. I love hanging laundry on the line!

    • Yay…I ended up getting two loads done today. Have a great day Sandi.

  2. The smell of fresh sun dried laundry is hard to beat!

    • Yummy! I miss the sun today…it’s raining again.

  3. Saturday was our lovely spring day in the rainy northwest and I assure you, I wrote aaallll about it 😀 From the tortillas to the baby goats…don’t you just love spring??

    • Totally love the spring! How cute to have baby goats hopping around 🙂

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