Posted by: oceannah | May 18, 2012

on friendship and cameras

Yesterday I visited with some friends.  Such a lovely day.  Hanging out with wonderful women who are interesting and inspiring is such an amazing gift.  There was lunch, a bit of a fashion show, some sharing of clothing, a tutorial on a new spiritual practice, giggling, technology (these women are waaaaaay past me, but that isn’t hard 😉 ), hugs, and more laughs, oh, we hit the clay studio only to be sidetracked by the gorgeous view and sunny day.  We were ‘supposed’ to be doing clay, which is always terrific, but it just couldn’t compete with all the catching up and sunshine that was afoot….some other day for clay.    Even though I wasn’t feeling my 100% best and still bouncing back from this hideous cold, it was such a wonderful day.

I took only two pictures from my friends back porch…boy does she have a view!  Then my camera battery went out.  When I returned home I realized my camera, jacket, and bag are still at her house…no blog photos today.

I’ve been using a Nikon P7000 for about 5 months now.  It was a gift from my father in law.  It’s a great little camera.  I’ve used an SLR for years.  Moving to digital was (alright is  still a bit) daunting with the whole technological aspect and need to interface with a computer just to take pictures.  The fact is, it is more and more difficult to buy film.  With the demise of Kodak, Fuji was about the only film I could get around here.  I don’t care for Fuji film, in my opinion the color is far too saturated.   Getting film processed is even more difficult, at least around here.  So when the foot dragging of shopping for a camera ended with this gift, I began happily snapping away.  I really like the size of this camera.  It takes great pictures and it’s easy to use.  It is not a DSLR those (the D3 and friends were all so much heavier than my film SLR, which struck me as odd).  One of my goals of getting a new camera was to not be burdened by the cumbersome size and bulk of the SLR.

My Nikon cool-pix p7000 a really great little camera that is a convenient size and takes terrific photographs.   Image from Nikon


Hopefully I’ll be reunited with the camera today or tomorrow and can share the post I had in mind for today.  Wishing everyone is a wonderful kick off to the weekend.




  1. It sounds like a wonderful day!!
    It’s so much easier to be a good photographer these days… 🙂

    • Twas lovely indeed. I actually prefer to shoot in manual, but I’m still learning the ins and outs of that function on this camera. Have a great weekend Deborah.

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