Posted by: oceannah | May 17, 2012

Asparagus…fresh and roasted fast! A simple recipe

It will be hard to find a more simple recipe for asparagus than this….Sorry Sandi, but this one requires an oven.

Step 1)  Turn oven to 425 degrees F

Step 2)  March out the back door and harvest the asparagus that has been growing like the proverbial weeds whist I lay abed coughing and sputtering lo these past days.

fresh asparagus
melon basket from purchased reed

Step 3) Stop on the way back into the house to marvel at the way the ants simply LOVE the peonies

Step 4)  Rinse asparagus, place on sheet pan and drizzle a tablespoon of good olive oil over top.  These are pretty tightly packed, true…I’m still not feeling 100% and washing two sheet pans seemed a task I’d rather pass on 😉

Step 5)  Roast for about 15-20 minutes, high heat (425F) is needed, the goal is to caramelize the natural sugars in the stalks, not to merely bake them.

Step 6)  Enjoy!  For us these are finger food, and you can see from the photo how eager we were to have at ’em.  I almost didn’t get a shot of them cooked up. 🙂  SO tasty and SO simple.  Perfect for a person just bouncing back.

Step 7)  Enjoy your post asparagus feeding frenzy by talking about how we will prepare tomorrow’s asparagus.  When they are on, it’s asparagus for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🙂



  1. I know what I’m having for dinner! Nom!

  2. Ohhh yeah…..

  3. Jealous! You need to have some for brekkies as an omelet… Yum!

    • I had some today Sandi 🙂

  4. The asparagus looks delish and so easy to make. Unfortunately, I can’t just walk out back and get it, however I do have a farmer’s mkt close by. Thanks so much for the easy recipe! Get yourself well!


    • luckily it works for any asparagus home grown or not 😉
      Working on shaking this cold still…it’s been a humdinger, thanks Julie.

  5. One of my favorite recipes!!

    • I know right…what could go wrong so simple.

  6. We had roasted asparagus with poached eggs for dinner tonight. We love asparagus here. That is the first thing we will plant when we actually have some land.

    • Oh sounds delicious!! I just came in from harvesting a bit more and there are bugs on the asparagus…darn. Must look that one up.

  7. Hi Anna, Just popped over from FarmGal’s blog to read a bit of your (mostly; ) joyful prose and lovin’ it. Thank you!
    About the ants and peonies? Symbiosis in action, ‘m dear: ) Apparently without the ants removing the waxy coating from their buds, peony flowers won’t/can’t open…
    Your photos are making me hungry and REALLY hanging for some more asparagus (humming: “I just can’t get enough, ….”) Thinking I’ll throw some into my scrambled egg this a.m. (yum: )

    • Deb, That is a wonderful insight! Thanks so much for sharing it. I thought perhaps there were aphids on the buds but there were not. Symbiosis! Glad you stopped by come set a spell again 😉

      • Hi Anna, Symbiosis (even decades later, you never know when one of those grade 10 biology snippets will pop into your head; ) is when two organisms have a “give and take” relationship where both benefit: like here with the ants and your peonies or between insects and plants that they pollinate in exchange for pollen and nectar.
        FarmGal’s blog is called “just another day on the farm”
        (If you haven’t been there before, I’ll bet you’ll like it.)
        No blog (yet), but soon as there is I’ll be sure to add the link onto your “comments info” and thanks so much for the invite! : )

    • Deb, Can you send a link to your blog? Love to follow along. Also not sure who the farmgal blog is (?)

      • Thanks Deb as a science wonk I do understand symbiotic relationships…although I had never heard that was the case w/ the ant and peonies 🙂 What a complex and fun world we live in….pondering the genesis of that relationship could take days….who sought out whom first… Peony seeks small insects to do day labor 😉
        Thanks for the farmgal link…always great to hook up w/ gals who dig the earth. When/if you make a blog, go w/ WP…imo the best way.

  8. I love roasted vegetables but I have never tried asparagus … than for the post!

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