Posted by: oceannah | May 8, 2012

strenght training workout phase 2

I do my stats on Monday’s.  Partly because it keeps me honest through the weekend.  This week I am up in weight, but that reflects a gain in Lean Body Mass, the inches are coming off the mid section which is VERY great.  Also the body fat percentage is dropping.  These are good improvements and I am very happy with the progress.

My workout yesterday was the beginning of Phase two from the New Rules of Lifting for Women.  This is a killer workout!  The front squat push press is  a challenging move not so much the move or the weight, but the way in which the wrist bends back to accommodate the barbell on the descent.  The most tricky is the dumb bell one point row.  Balancing on one leg while doing the row was an exercise in focus, which of course is the intent.  Static lunges with the rear foot elevated turned out to be  a full blown anatomy lesson defining the whereabouts of the quadriceps muscle.

Here’s the workout:  3 sets of 12 reps each

front squat push press 20# bb

step up 20# bb

one point row 10# db’s

pushup 30 degrees

static lunge w/ rear foot elevated 10# db’s

horizontal wood chop 10# db

This was sufficient to get me soaking wet and tired.  The squat is a straight set the remaining exercise is all super sets. Since I’m not feeling totally 100% I did not do any cardio yesterday.  Feeling pretty much the same today, nasal congestion, sore throat thing.  I’ve been surrounded by sick the past two weeks here in the house…and still trying to fend it off.  Using multiple herbal remedies in the process and at least holding my own.


Stats for 7 May 2012

Weight—  152.4   up .8#

Waist—   36.5  down .5in.

Thigh—22.5 in. same

Arm—13 in  same

Hip—37.5in. same

Bellybutton—38in down .5 inches

Chest—39in.  same

Body Fat 37.5%

Fat Mass—57.15  down .61#’s

LBM—   95.25 up 2#

Date 2012-05-07 Your Body Fat Mass is: 57.15 pounds 26.0 kg Your Lean Body Mass (LBM) is: 95.25 pounds 43.3 kg Your Basal Metabolic Rate is: 1306 calories/day

Hope your day is off and running.



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