Posted by: oceannah | May 7, 2012

Homestead Happenings of May

Bloomsdale longstanding spinach

The spinach is coming along.  April was a funny month.  Began with very hot weather then tempered down to more normal ranges.  The ‘showers’ typical of the month did not arrive until the final week of April.  But along with the rains the temperatures plummeted with some below freezing nights.  Thankfully nothing was lost.  Even the apple blossom’s made it through.

Salad mix

Our little lettuce row is coming along slowly.  It’s sad but true that the chickweed is doing better than the lettuces.  I do not mind some chickweed in my salad, but it is not on my top ten hit parade of edible tasty greens.

Honey-O strawberries

Up close and personal Honey-O

The promise of fresh strawberries looms large.  Thankfully whoever was sneaking into the garden a few weeks ago and chomping down the plants has stopped.  There are after all wild strawberries everywhere in the yard.

c’mon baby peas…we want to EAT you!

What would a garden be without a few flowers?

I’ve been kind of hooked on macro’s lately and I just love the full frame when I get a decent shot.  These sweet little pansy faces sit in a planter right outside the garden gate.

pansy love

string of hearts

Bleeding Heart Dicentra spectabilis

That’s the Monday wrap up.  Everything is growing well and this beautiful bountiful land is again well situated to provide us with lots of tasty healthy food. Do you have a favorite plant to grow or a gardening question,  I’d love to hear about it.   Hope your week is off to a great start.


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  1. I love taking a walk through your garden, even if it is virtual 🙂

    • Welcome to stroll through any time my friend 🙂

  2. Your garden looks great! i love those little heart flowers!

    • Hey Shannon, thanks for that vote of garden love… The bleeding hearts are lovely, I agree. How’s your garden coming along? Looking forward to an update.

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