Posted by: oceannah | May 3, 2012

Some days…

Some days you’re the doggie, some days the hydrant


Today I felt like the fire hydrant.  What a day.  Nothing terrible or tragic occurred, just a bunch of little annoyances. To top it off, my new weed whacker (a nice Stihl straight shaft with multiple blade/string options) that I just bought Monday does not in fact work.  Thankfully the return was really easy and they too could not get it to start.  Heading to bed so I can start fresh tomorrow.  Nitey night 🙂



  1. Sounds like my day before! I hope tomorrow brings better times 🙂

    • In the wink of an few lambs tails, all’s well and off to a new day.

  2. Maybe there’s some kind of lunar phase that pre-ordains crap. Thank goodness tomorrow is another day!

    • Hahah…Amy, we often will say (tongue in cheek) that planet a or b must be retrograde 🙂 Thankfully it’s a new day already.

  3. Hopefully, todaywill be a better day…..weekend is just around the corner. Have a great one!


    • Julie, it’s already off to a better start! Thanks, the weekend beckons…

  4. the hydrant actually looks like a dog wearing a hat! can you see it?

    • 🙂 Shannon you have a very creative way of seeing the world!!! I love it. Did not see it til you pointed it out.


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