Posted by: oceannah | April 27, 2012

It all began with setting my goals on paper…

Remember the other day when I posted about goal setting,  Reptilian Reprogramming?   I am amazed and surprised at how quickly the Universe responded.  By opening up the way for me to reach those goals.   I’ve been looking around on Craig’s List and stuff for a barbell.  It’s time to move up the amount of weights I’m lifting if I want more results.  Well the other day I called off the search for a barbell becausemy friend mentioned to me that the spa where she works as an LMT has opened up memberships to the local community.  I spent a good portion of my adult career as a spa chef.  These jobs were wonderful and I enjoyed them, but I became totally spoiled by having access to all the amenities a spa can offer.

I went to the visit the local spa last Friday.  I was not prepared to get my hopes up….I left with a 3 month membership for 40bucks/month!!  This very reasonable fee includes my new weight room:

weight room

cardio zone

Here is the view from those big windows:

Mountain View...very nice 🙂

Also included in the membership are the hiking trails, indoor/outdoor tennis (will have to wait for dd to be out of camboot), yoga and:

pool could have used a flash, but you get the idea...LOVE the mountains right outside

As you can see in the pictures, I pretty much have the place to myself.  Most folks are weekenders…a time when I would not go there.  I like the quiet 😉  It doesn’t hurt that the spa is only twenty minutes down into the valley for me either.  If it were far, I would be much less likely to have joined up.

hot and cold whirlpools these are in the women's locker rooms so it's ladies only, Yay!

Then my all time favorite is the sauna.  They have two, one dry one wet.  I prefer the wet one.  It’s a bit like being in the sweat lodge and SO relaxing.

Steamy scene, also ladies only

I had to work hard to be quick on this picture as the steam kept fogging up the lens.  I bring in my water bottle and towels and lie down and totally zone out to bliss world.  Yep, nobody but me in the sauna either.  It’s like my own private place.

lovely circular garden, not quite a labyrinth, but along the same lines.

So I warmed up with 15 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill, then  did my weight lifting and then swam for half an hour.  I didn’t do any jacuzzi today since I got a late start.  Came in late from a 4H meeting last night.  DID sit in the wet sauna for a good long while.  Shoulders and hamstrings feeling the extra weight on those barbells.  But I could not be more pleased.

Since I was in the valley and totally famished (shocking how little food  a chicken leg, protein drink and coffee actually is) I stopped into our local Polish Deli.  I was a little surprised to see new owners.  I ordered a bowl of red borscht.  It came out steaming hot with a nice sprinkling of fresh dill.  I miss the other couple who used to run the place.  The new couple explained that they are friends and bought the place recently.  The previous owners wife determined that after 20 years of working, she needed a vacation.  Maybe in Polish that means the same as retirement 😉  Way to go for her.  She was the one who taught me to cook my beets separate from the soup then grate them into the soup toward the end so they don’t wash out.  I look forward to getting to know the new owners.  When he placed the soup on my table I said, “gin-kwee-a” (not the Polish spelling) and smiled.  I learned to say thank you in Polish from the previous owners.  The borscht was just as delicious as ever!

Just to think, it all started out as deciding to write down my goals.  When we focus our energy amazing things happen.



  1. So, when I’m doing my cross-country drive summer of 2014 and I pull up in your driveway and hook up for a few days… we’ll have to go hang out at your gym… can you find out if they have a daily rate 😉

    • fifteen bucks/day 🙂 It’s a great little place.
      Are you planning an RV trip? We keep talking about hitting the road when hubby retires in a few more years. Although lately I’ve been itching to get back to sailing. Many ideas….

      • I’m totally planning a cross-country RV trip for summer 2014. Going to mark a map with people to visit and park in yards and driveways all over the country 🙂

      • Yay! You better plan a NY swing through… 🙂

  2. wow that place looks great! lucky you!

    • Shannon…I feel very fortunate indeed. I love the feeling of being supported by the universe to get my body healthy. 🙂

  3. Sometimes everything falls into place when you put your desires out there…… Glad your goals are being so well met 🙂 It looks fantastic and so near, a definite bonus. xoxo

    • Thanks Sonia…close is always nice 🙂

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