Posted by: oceannah | April 24, 2012

I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day

I’m a solar powered person by nature.  I always feel my best when it’s sunny out.  Although we truly needed the rain, I’m still missing the sun today.  Here’s a few cheerful stand-ins for El Sol…enjoy!

















  1. April showers, bring May flowers 🙂
    Thanks for brightening my day 🙂

    • thankfully the rain has stopped today, just overcast.

  2. Gorgeous Anna. I’ve got a ‘bleeding heart’ too, I rescued it from a rubbish dump 2 years ago, but its only this year that its really flourishing. xo

    • Oh Sonia, I think the plants from the rubbish heap are always SO grateful for their rescue they do their extra-bestest to SHINE.

  3. “Solar powered . . . by nature”: I like that.

    • heheh…cheeky right? Nice of you to pass by and set a spell Amanda! A very fluffy kitty you’ve got there gal. I have a poodle that needs daily brushing….how about kitty, do you brush daily?

      • Cats are mostly self-cleaning–nice and easy for me!

      • Like my oven 🙂

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