Posted by: oceannah | April 23, 2012

Organic Heirloom Tomato Soup Recipe ~ No Canned Tomatoes Here



It’s a chilly rainy day and last night I took out some frozen Amish Paste tomatoes and woke up to this lovely sight.  Tomatoes swimming in tomato water.  I drained the water off, plucked the stems and put the whole bowl full into the Vita Mix blender skins and all.

One year I grew an absurd amount of heirloom tomatoes.  I had 150 plants of many varieties.  Come harvest season I was a complete wreck trying to figure out how to process SO many tomatoes. At the time I had a mid sized upright freezer.  I did can many batches but I needed a faster plan.  Being the type who likes a good experiment I decided to gamble on freezing the tomatoes and finding a simpler way to save the harvest.  I never dreamed I would find THE simplest method of all.  I popped them into zip bags straight from the vine, then into the freezer.  Lo and behold, when they were defrosted they gave up a lot of liquid but held together very nicely and what was left was pure tomato flesh.  I poured off the clear liquid and used the tomatoes right up without the bother of having to ‘cook off’ some of the liquid.  Paydirt!  Now this is the way I prefer to put my tomatoes by.  It’s super easy and can’t be beat as a time saver when so many crops are calling for attention.

In a nice heavy stock pot add some olive oil and a mirepoix…kitchen speak for diced onion, celery and carrots.  Cook until the onion is clear, not browned.  Add the tomatoes and cook until gently boiling.  Add a cup of milk into which you’ve dissolved a tablespoon of corn starch and continue cooking for another few minutes.  You can add any number of spices.  I usually end up going with whatever is on hand.  Today that means salt & pepper (natch), fresh oregano and chives plucked from the kitchen garden and a pinch of ground fennel to sweeten things up.  Use your imagination.  It’s a super simple recipe that goes a long way toward warming you up on a damp cool spring day.

after: creamy steamy deliciousness Bowl: wheel thrown, Laguna Robins egg blue glaze, B mix clay body, cone 6 fire

I decided to not puree the soup again but rather leave the mirepoix intact.  With a salad or your favorite sandwich this is the perfect lunch.  Enjoy!







  1. I am SO hoping my tomatoes make it this year so I can enjoy the same luxury! It looks delish!

    • I hope your tomatoes make out well also. Three cheers for a hearty tomato season all around!

  2. My favorite dinner that my dad used to cook was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches… need to find a dukan friendly recipe for that 🙂 Mmmmm, Mmmmmm, ORGANICALLY, good!

    • I know Sandi, that was a staple for us too. I’ve been considering Finn Crisps. They are made from rye flour only. Not sure about them I’ll have to set up a space to trial them and see if my body reacts to them like wheat.

      • I’m going to figure it out… i’d love to have a grilled cheddar and avocado salad with your organic tomato soup… in fact, i’m putting that out to the universe 🙂

      • great you bring the avo 🙂

  3. Freezing tomatoes? Fantastic. You’ve given me a way to make fresh tomato sauce during the winter. I’ll be filing this one away in my memory bank!

    • I must say, it is the fastest way to store/put by tomatoes providing you have freezer space. Good luck!

  4. I do the same thing with my tomatoes – works great. Alternately, some of them I’ll whiz up in the food processor (skin, seeds and all) add a tiny bit of salt, and freeze flat in freezer baggies as the start to a marinara sauce for when I have time to cook it up with the mirepoix mix (which I also keep frozen in baggies in the freezer).

    • That’s a great idea to freeze them already pureed. I like growing them but I’ve been canning tomatoes since I was a kid and it was always my ‘job’ to skin them…urg. So glad that’s over. Thanks for swinging by 🙂


  5. I’ve been doing this for years with great success. One thing though, if you freeze whole tomatoes, you really need to do so with the paste variety of tomatoes which have a lot of meat content without a lot of water.

    Last season I threw a bunch of slicing type tomatoes in and when they defrosted and were made into soup it was so, so, so watery that the soup had no flavor. What a waste of freezer space, time, and food!

    From that experience I’ve learned to eat the slicing tomatoes as they are ready to pick and to freeze or can the paste tomatoes. That way I maximize my crop, and get to enjoy garden tomatoes even in winter.

    • Hi Jill,
      Yes, as the post indicates, I used Amish Paste Tomatoes, an heirloom paste variety. However, I’ve also used other heirloom slicing tomatoes such as Brandywine and Purple Cherokee tomatoes. The critical step here is to defrost in a bowl as indicated, then pour off the clear tomato water (which lacks flavor). This works for both paste and slicing tomatoes in so far as it concentrates all that tomato-y goodness without having to simmer for hours on the stove…which does the same thing ie: evaporates off the excess water content. Enjoy!

  6. Anna this looks so delicious and that bowl is beautiful!

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