Posted by: oceannah | April 21, 2012

Porterhouse steak smothered in mushrooms

shitake, button and oyster mushrooms


STEAK, so simple for a Friday night


Mushrooms and Steak.  Yummm.  No odd couple there.  These were cooked up and slathered on top of some delicious grilled Grass fed organic Poretehouse steaks from our favorite meat producing farm, Kingbird!




So this really easy meal came together in no time.  Just a reminder to all, when you are grilling make sure to bring the food to be grilled up to room temperature for about an hour.  This allows for the food to cook properly without having to char the outside in order to get the inside up to temp.  Another handy trick if you like a good char make sure you dry off the meat with a paper towel before seasoning.



Porterhouse with mixed mushrooms

Plate:  handbuilt fired to cone 6.  Laguna 75 clay body, laguna emarude glaze in center RIO/mang/gb wash on rim



  1. Yummy!!!!!

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