Posted by: oceannah | April 21, 2012

Green Eggs, no ham — Nettles, Dandelion & Kale


wheel thrown, TerraSig in/0ut, with inner glaze of Laguna Castile Blue fired to cone 6

Today for breakfast I had these scrumptious eggs in one of my favorite bowls.  I feel so blessed to have such abundance in my life.

Melon basket from purchased reed

So first things first.  Before collecting/harvesting any food I give thanks…as in say a prayer.  Well what am I supposed to say to a plant you may ask.  Say whatever you like or whatever comes from your heart.  I usually keep it fairly simple but sincere:  “Dear sister Nettle, thank you for giving a part of yourself to feed and sustain me, I honor Creator and this gift.”  Imagine… how different our connection to the food we eat would be with this simple thanksgiving.

I collected some fresh Nettles, Dandelion and some tamer kale that was kind enough to re-sprout this spring since our winter was very mild.  When collecting Nettles you don’t want to wind up spending your day itching and scratching so you might choose to wear gloves.  I have found that if I hold the tip of the leaves and gently snip I don’t have to wear gloves nor do I suffer the sting of sister Nettle.

After everything is rinsed, cleaned and chopped it goes very quickly.  Saute some garlic, toss in the greens and then mix up an egg or two.  Easy peasy and SO tasty…not to mention good for the body.

Pastured eggs and greens are the best way to start the day here on the homestead.  Of course there MUST be coffee too 🙂  Hope all-a-ya’ll are having a totally wonderful weekend.



  1. that looks fabulous!

    • It tastes yummy too my barefootbeing 🙂

  2. Looks Yummy! We spend some of the summer in Caroga Lake, are you close? I love your pottery!

    • I’m in the Catskills not the ADK. Glad you like the pottery. It’s a fun past time that makes no money, but art is like that 😉

  3. I am lokking forward to some nettles. Hopefully soon.. Nice post!

    • My fave spring green hands down is nettles. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Looks delicious!

    • Tastes delicious too…you won’t regret trying this one out 🙂

      • I can wait, but just barely; )

      • I hear ya…so longing for those straight off the land greens 🙂

  5. I would love to hang out in your garden and have a fresh salad plucked gently from the earth 🙂

    • The garden gate is open Sandi 🙂

  6. we love kale so we’ll be giving this a try! 🙂 ~ Trèsors De Luxe!

    • Fellow kale lovers unite 🙂 Enjoy.

  7. what are green eggs? i always wondered that….

    • well here on the homestead the green eggs are from Araucana eggs with a blue/green shell. In this recipe the ‘green’ is from the nettle/dandelion/kale.

  8. I love seeing uses for plants that aren’t consumed enough. I just recently made a post myself about broccoli leaves, garlic greens, and pea greens. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I will try it.

    • Sounds tasty…love the green blessings 🙂

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