Posted by: oceannah | April 12, 2012

Somedays the gales are howling, some days the sea is still as glass ~lost sailor/GD

and the wind cried Mary

The shore was beautiful but it must be said…Going to the beach does not summer make.  We walked along the boardwalk and it was dang cold with the wind pushing us back as we tried to head into it.  Just being on the shores and taking in the salty air was a gift.  I loved the way the wind played with the sand to create a cool pattern, although a lot is lost in this photo.  My selkie dreams were dashed since we were with multiple children, one just crawling and one in a cast.  I’ve jumped in the sea in colder times and did not need to prove myself to anyone.  Simply sitting on the sand and hearing/smelling/tasting/touching the water was enough.  In the end we just sat on the bench on the boardwalk talking enjoying the view, talking some more, and snuggling to keep warm.

It was absolutely terrific to see my friends!   The baby is getting so big.  The big kids all got along and all in all it was a very special, if short visit.

Lots to catch up on…see you back here real soon, I can’t wait to show you what’s popped up in the mountains while I was down at the beach!



  1. Looks beautiful Anna! (but cold! you can see it in the colour of the sea). I love being by the sea – even makes your hair feel different! Cant wait to go to Cornwall in September…… Great to have you back. Cant wait to see whats been sprouting! Sonia xoxo

    • It was lovely but brrrr cold.

  2. The beach looks beautiful! I miss the beach… Can’t wait til June!!!

    • Can’t beat the beach in my book!

  3. Even with the cold temperatures, it still looks beautiful and inviting. Glad that you had a wonderful time!

    • Thanks Julie. It was a short but lovely visit.

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