Posted by: oceannah | April 9, 2012

Eggs of many colors

pysanky and dyed eggs

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter.  Here we had a splendid morning that began with our traditional popovers.  Instead of using wheat flour I used garbanzo bean flour.  I will say that they were different, not in a bad way, just a bit different.  They were a bit heavier and crisper on the edges.  I’m finding the more I stay away from wheat the better I feel.

I still have a child in the house so the Easter Bunny made a modest contribution to the day.  The basket to the left is for my DD and the one on the right is for my husband…an avowed chocoholic 🙂  Small bunnies (2 0z) and some peeps (blech) mini reeses pb cups and some sinful cadbury caramel eggs…I need to watch those 😉

Our trip to visit friends at the beach last week was postponed and tomorrow we leave!!!  I can’t wait to see the ocean.  My favorite place to be is near the salty sea.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.



  1. Glad you are enjoying your holidays! The pysanky / dyed eggs look beautiful!!!! (had to look up what pysanky were) 🙂 Have a fantastic time at your friends, I too love the sea air, it makes you feel alive. I was born in Cornwall and its definitely something I miss! xoxo

    • We are ocean wymmen Sonia 🙂

  2. Love the bright colored eggs!

    • thank luv…it’s a colorful time of year.

  3. Bah, my attempt at coloring eggs was a complete and utter failure ;-(
    Yours turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!

    • Thanks Moonday. The pysanky are by far the most time intensive but they do come out lovely. I hope the rest of your Easter was utterly Divine.

  4. Anna… The eggs are gorgeous!! Have a fun trip to the shore xoxo

    • Thanks Sandi, Fun had!! xo backatcha xo

  5. Those eggs are beautiful!!!! I have a ridiculous weaknes for Peeps…but only at Easter time. Have a wonderful time at the beach…I always feel more at peace there!

    • Haha…I’m not a marshmallow lover at all Julie, sister ocean gal 🙂

  6. You have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award! Please read my latest post:

  7. Awww thanks so much Julie! I’ll be by when I catch up a bit here 😀
    You’re the sweetest!

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