Posted by: oceannah | April 5, 2012

Expectations are slippery things.  Our trip to the beach ended up getting postponed until next week since my friend made an ooops on her calendar w/ her kids schedules and they aren’t off til next week.  Maybe the weather will be warmer 🙂

The expectation of having enough time to get everything done, tend the family that is now home on spring break, get some blog posts in along with my workouts, and work the land would require not sleeping.  Which I’ve been running short on also.

Our trip to the orthopedist the other day to have some x-rays and a look-see at DD’s ankle originally left us believing that she had a pulled ligament or something.  This morning’s call from the Dr. filled us in on the fact that she has a hairline fracture near the growth plate.  Much calling around to find the cam boot now required left me with precious little time to even get a decent meal on the table.  Pictures phffft.  I cooked up some great scallops and cod with braised Brussels sprouts was lovely though.  I’m aiming for an early bed time and some good rest.

Hope y’all are having a good one.



  1. I hope your DD’s foot heals quickly. It can be so hard, sometimes, keeping up with it all. I think I’m lucky that I’m living away, with no obligations but to go to work and take care of me 🙂
    Simple stir fry dinners is what keeps me sane and able to stay on this diet… especially given the fact that I have no oven…
    I hope tomorrow is a less busy day 😀
    p.s. having loads of problems with my VPN (China bans blogs and FB) so replying to blogs is challenging on some days, just know that I read every single one!
    **Example… just had to log off and on 3 times.. let’s see if it works this time when I press the post comment button! Argh!

  2. oppsie (((DD)))

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