Posted by: oceannah | April 2, 2012

WordPress gives invalid key while logged in–help wanted

Hoping perhaps someone might have an answer.

When I’m logged in to my WP account and I try to access certain other blogs, I always get this message:

Invalid key [6]. Back

I’ve noticed it is only some blogs.  NOT every single blog.  Which is kind of unfortunate since an intermittent problem is more difficult to fix.  I’ve looked on the web regarding this issue and there are some that feel it is because of the ISP and others who feel it is something to do with the computer you’re using.  Urgggh.

It’s a pain b/c some of the blogs I really like always come up with the invalid key message which mean I have to log out, then go to their blog, then log back in to post.  Which leads me to think it is not a ISP or computer issue but a WP issue.

ANY THOUGHTS?  Much appreciate your feedback.





  1. Hmmm, it’s odd. Have u emailed WP about it. They have excellent customer service and usually solve my issues quickly.

    • I’ve only once sent an email to WP CS. It took 3 weeks to get a reply…so I did not think to try again, but what harm? Thanks.

      • Seriously? 3 weeks? I’d be reluctant to send a message, too… I’ve had 2 good experiences with them. They have forums, too, where people like us can ask questions of bloggers with way more experience 🙂
        The next time it happens, can you send me an email with the web address that you’re having a problem with? I’ll see if I can figure it out. Love doing that stuff! 😀

      • Thanks Sandi…I did start a new forum thread and they just keep telling me the same thing to disable the turbo page from my hughes net ISP….which was already done. I could not find ANYWHERE how to send an actual email…only the forum pages. And when I plug in “invalid [6] back” into the search it comes up as one hit, with the hughes info. urggg. I know I’m not the only one. Read this post on the forums: This is the thread I started. I suppose it will be what it is. I have to log out to view blogs like Brett and MJ all the time just to view, and if I want to comment I have to do it again! I’ll keep pushing on though…I like wp for everything else, but that issue is a drag. If you find a fix great!!!

  2. I get that too when clicking on peoples links, i just press the ‘back’ button and it takes me to the required blog. not sure why it does it though. I dont log out or anything 🙂 hope this helps!

    • Thanks Shannon, I’ll try that again…seems I’ve tried it and it just keeps kicking back to the same invalid thing.

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