Posted by: oceannah | April 2, 2012

weight loss inspiration comes to visit

Yesterday we had visitors.  Very inspiring visitors.  I had never met K before, he’s a college of my husband.  I knew he was into running as he and my husband did a 5K last fall together.  When I asked him about it he was very enthusiastic about sharing running information.  He had recently completed a half marathon then did another half marathon 12 days later!  Wow.  He’s younger than us (26), and not the super fit ectomorph body type of many runners.  He continued to share his tales of running throughout the visit.  Then he said, ” Well starting to run is a big part of how I lost weight.”  Yes, yes, I agreed.  I could not help myself from asking, and I don’t usually talk about weight loss with men, but I was curious how much weight he’d lost.  Hang on…. it’s amazing.  K lost 167#!!  After picking my chin up off the floor we continued the conversation.  He’s not on a special diet just watches calories and really revved up his exercise.  He’s been at it for 2 years.  I was SO inspired.  He has lost more than I currently weigh.

My scale bounced between 152-153 # in the last couple days.  I seem to have an affinity for plateaus.  Even though I’m focused on recomposition more these days than simply the scale reading I’d LOVE to break out of the 150’s and start seeing 140’s.  The visit from K & R was impromptu by externals.  I on the other had happen to believe that Spirit had a hand in the affair.  Hearing K’s amazing story of his 167# loss was so great.  The take home message for me from his incredible story is:  Patience.  It takes time.  Just keep making the right choices.  It was a terrific reminder to stay the course and not fret.

Today is a cardio/lift day.  After two days of rest I will attempt (again) 2 miles non-stop, wish me luck.  Lift will be my new routine I posted a few days ago.  Food wise, I did 2 PP days this weekend and I think I’ll do a modified PV day today, meaning I’ll have salad with my mid day meal and PP the other meals.

I made the onion crisps that Sonia showed us and they were delicious, but it’s not clear that I can have them on pp days.  Thoughts?

Other wonderful homestead happenings; all the windows have had their spring cleaning-inside/out and the onions are planted!  Yay.  I hope everyone’s week is off to a Springy start.




  1. Yes, you can definitely have them on PP days! They have tolerated items in them, i.e. cornstarch, baking powder, so if you stay with a plateau too long dukan recommends cutting out all tolerated items for a few days to see if that makes a difference. What an amazing visitor! Patience is definitely key, ‘we’ didnt put the weight on in a few months so it wont come off in a few months either. It is hard to be realistic sometimes in what we expect of ourselves and our bodies. xoxo

    • Thanks Sonia. I hope you are feeling better today. I can sometimes be so darn impatient it’s true. I wasn’t sure if the cornstarch was allowed…I’m glad it is b/c they are delish!

  2. Wow! that is really inspiring! I’m currently trying to get back in shape. Reading this was great!

    • Excellent! It’s seems it’s always hard to begin, but just as with any habit the more you do it the more it becomes part of your life.

  3. What an amazing story, Anna! What dedication to lose that much weight in 2 years!

    • I was blown away Sandi. He’s running half marathons these days!

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