Posted by: oceannah | March 31, 2012

Rain & Read Saturday

Today is a PP day.

Scale = 152.6#

It’s raining here and I’m kind of glad.  Been going full throttle for a while now.  The rain is an invitation to stay in cuddle up with a good book and relax!  Later this evening I plan to head out for a shop.  I really want to make the bread Shannon has been making…it looks delicious!  And also the onion crisps Sonia whipped up tomorrow.  Ahh how nice to have a chill day.



  1. Whatcha reading?

    • Love Medicine
      by Louise Erdrich I’m re-reading many books from my past as I continue the seemingly never ending process of lightening my possessions. I just love Louise Erdrich though so I’m not sure I will end up putting this one in the pass along pile. Her character development is stellar!
      I hope your knee is healing up Sandi. xo

      • I am doing the same thing!!! I’m re-reading some great books and then passing them on. I refuse to bring *too* many books back with me to the States. LOL… I will not give up my travel books, they are must keeps!
        My knee is feeling a little better, thanks for asking 🙂

  2. Hey Anna, I had to comment about a pet peeve — Marilyn Monroe being a size 12 in the 1950’s is the same as being a size 4-6 today. Her measurements were 36-23-37. I was a size 12 in the mid-seventies, at the same size as 4-6 today, so that’s how I know. Some sewing patterns still follow the old sizing measurements. That nonsense about MM has been floating around for years, and it proves how sizes have changed, not that MM was a big. Sorry, just can’t bear this information floating around! Enjoy your quiet day, I love curling up with a good book too.

    • Yes Veerukka we both agree. We’re saying the same thing. I said MM was a 12-14. AND the industry has changed the sizing numerically as we both agree. By using Marylin as an example I was not in any way inferring that she was a large woman. Precisely the opposite! That a size twelve in her day is no longer a size twelve today was the message. If what I said sounded like I was calling 12-14 large, then it’s because I did not write my thoughts clearly…not b/c I feel that way… sorry to energize your pet peeve, but glad you spoke up 🙂
      The numbers really don’t matter these days. Buy what fits. Even as Janie mentions later, she needed a 4x which definitely is not her size, but that’s what the label said and it was the garment that fit. Go figure.
      Thanks for your comment.

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