Posted by: oceannah | March 30, 2012


Today is a PV day…so was yesterday.  I really needed some extra ‘sumptin’ to fuel my workouts.  But I really don’t want to make a habit of bending the plan too much…slopes being slippery and all…  So for Sat & Sun I’ll do PP.  It’s good timing to do a mini-attack since I don’t do formal exercise on the weekend.  We always do something outdoors/physical as a family, but it’s casual and fun.  Weight is steady at 152#.  I did not do an average for this week since I had a few mornings where I was up and about earlier than usual and busy.  I weighed in but did not write down two days and now I can’t remember which was which, was it .6 or .3 this getting older thing has some down sides.  I find I must write stuff down!

The rest of the family is on spring break as of 3 pm today.  TWO weeks off!!  Hurray.  I think we could all use a nice break.  We have plans to visit friends who **live by the beach** WOOHOO!  I’ll get to sit on the beach with my family and  some beloved friends 🙂  I’m very much a Selkie Woman…so a dip in the bracing cold sea would be a delight!!  Like all Selkie Women, I must return to the sea occasionally .  Being by the ocean is so magical for me.  I always feel my best when there’s a bit of salt in the air.   Some day we’ll live nearer to the ocean than we do now (2 hours by car).

That’s my Dukan check in.  Have a great Friday!



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