Posted by: oceannah | March 29, 2012

Strength Training Routine Change Up

This was my lift yesterday and my new routine for a while.


 Set #1 

Set #2 & 3 

 Upright rows – 10-12 reps 
 Dumbbell chest press – 10-12 reps 
 Overhead dumbbell press – 10-12 reps 
 Overhead tricep extensions – 10-12 reps 
 Bicep curls – 10-12 reps 
 Lateral raise – 10-12 reps 
 Front raise – 10-12 reps 
Skull crusher – 10-12 reps 
 Push-up – 10 reps  
 Full Hammer – 10 rep  
 Reverse Fly – 10 reps 
 Bent over pull up- 10-12 reps 


 Set #1 

 Set #2 & 3

 Traveling lunges – 10-12 reps 
 Squats – 10-12 reps 
 Lying leg curls – 10-12 reps 
 Calf raises – 10-12 reps 


 Set #1 

 Set #2 &3

 Crunches – 15-20 reps
 Knee raises – 10-15 reps 
 Twisting Crunches – 10 reps Pulse Up -10 reps  Back extension -10 reps

I use 10# dumb bells and work out at home.  I’m really working my arms hard b/c I want to see some good definition.  I go light on abs since I have a newly diagnosed  diastasis recti .  Mine isn’t very pronounced, and I only found out because I went for a consultation to have liposuction…yes, me, really!!  I was so frustrated a few months back on a very long plateau.  About 5 months ago (even before reading Dukan), I’d read about the duplication/daughtering of fat cells and thought I could kill the proverbial two birds with one stone.  Remove some of those naughty daughters, and slim down the belly.  Well it turns out I’m a poor candidate for lipo because of the Diastasis Recti.   Who knew?  The doctor recommended a full tummy tuck.  Not.  I’ve already had way more surgery than I ever wanted (5 total) to save my life. 

It turned out to be a positive experience at any rate because it really motivated me to prove to myself I COULD get into shape without a scalpel.  It will take more sweat and time, but it will happen.  Besides, the recovery time is like 8 weeks of pretty much doing nothing with a TT…phfft.  I’m too busy for such silliness.

I lift three times per week.  I’ve been doing the routine from “The Abs Diet for Women” for about a year now and it felt like a rut, so this is my new change up.

My weight has remained steady at 152#.  This is not my goal weight.  I’ve found I really need to use the scale as nothing more than a single data point along my fitness journey.  More on par with the A1C, cholesterol, BP etc.   Building muscle and losing fat are two different, not necessarily opposite issues, although they affect each other.  Building more lean muscle increases metabolism, which helps to burn fat.  However if the only measure that is important is the number on the scale then building muscle will disappoint.

For me strength training is key to fat loss.  It is also key to changing the shape of my body.   To whit, my weight is 152# at 5’4″.  I wear a (US) ladies size 8 (tens are getting big) top depending on the cut/style sometimes a 6.  I usually end up in the junior department for bottoms.  In juniors I wear a 9.  I can wear juniors because I’m short and I have very slim hips.  All  ‘ladies’ pants sag on my butt & hips so the junior department is useful.  All my weight is in the belly…apple, yep.  In fact, my waist and my hips are the same size urgh…  The increase in cardio via running is helping there though.  I’ve changed from doing 30 min. HIIT only to 30 min HIIT on M-W-F w/ strength training and running the other days.  Little by slowly.

What’s your workout?  I’d love to hear about it.




  1. My tummy tuck consult is April 6th… And should be scheduled for first week of May. I’m super excited. There are exercises to help pull the diastasis rectae muscles back together… I’ll get something together for you and email it 🙂

  2. Thanks Sandi that will be useful info XO. I’m glad you’re having the consult…and I’m not against TT btw. I just don’t personally want one now. I really wanted a quickie fixup and thought the lipo was my ticket. But it’s all good, no lipo led to more research which lead to dukan which…well, here we are :))

  3. You are very good for doing weights. I know I should but I don’t. I was a memeber of a gym 10 years ago and did a lot of pump classes but now I have a dog, two houses = 2 lots of housework, and a full time job I claim not to have enough time. Reality is I do have time but I spend it relaxing on the couch. So I admire you for finding the time to lift weights as it certainly helps aid fat-loss in the long run.

    • Busy… I know that one. This small homestead is a never ending chore-a-thon. Managing a piece of property that is growing tons of food I could always find an excuse. I really work at keeping my goal foremost in my mind, pretty much how you seem to do with your running. Running is to me what weights seem to be to you 🙂 I am always inspired by your running…reading you and Sandi got me back to it in fact. Your trip sounds terrific.

  4. I do 2 miles on the treadmill, running and walking fast. I also use wrist weights that are only half a kilo but still kill your arms after 15 reps. and using my gyroball thingy. But ive only been doing this twice a week, need to up it. I go for long walks on the weekends though with the family n their kids. (love the constant shouts of ‘watch, watch’ then they do a little skip or something and think its amazing, kids r so cute!)

    • That’s a great start Shannon. Just remember if you do add more days with weights make sure you have a day off in between. Weight training/strength training builds muscle by first breaking it down. While lifting the weight, the muscle get tiny tears. During the following 24 hours the body repairs those tears, building the muscle stronger for the next time. How amazing! I hear you about the kids too. My nephew just turned 23 yesterday and I spent A LOT of time with him when he was young, although he lives far away now. Even my daughter is growing up…Enjoy them while they still skip and delight in the simple pleasures life offers up. Not that growing up is bad, it’s just different from that sweetness of childhood.
      Happy Friday to you.

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