Posted by: oceannah | March 27, 2012

two mile try out

Challenge Du Jour:  run two miles without stopping/walking.  I chose my pretty regular route which has only two mid sized inclines.  Hey, we live in the mountains.  The pup was my companion, and we set off later in the day since I had a very busy morning at the Cardiologist office.  Turns out my ticker is in fine fettle.  EKG and Echo Cardiogram both terrific.  One last test to go, the Echo/Stress to check the arteries.

Off we set with a .5 mile warm up.  The first mile I’m very familiar with since I’ve run it so many times and it goes pretty good.  I don’t feel exuberant, but I feel ok.  Begin mile two.  Now I’m running into the wind and it’s a very windy March day here.  My energy is flagging and here comes a hill…it’s smallish, but it whups my butt.  I walk some.  BUT I go back to running after one minute.  The rest of the run went pretty much like that.  I ended up walking 4 times during the second mile and actually stopping for a pup-poop once.  Finished with a .5 mile cool down.  I clocked my first mile at 12 minutes, not my best.  The second mile was 15 minutes.  I don’t clock the warm up/cool down.  Then I made a smashing dinner of Shiratake Primavera.

The moon was so lovely tonight.  Grandmother Moon is in  the phase we call, “The new moon lying in the old moons arms”  and with Jupiter and Venus in the west sky it was the perfect ending to a long productive day.  Good night all.




  1. I bet it’s gorgeous running there! I call the current moon the ‘cradle moon’ and I have more babies born in this moon phase then any other. It was gorgeous to see last night when running around my concrete jungle.

  2. ❤ Grandmother Moon. The running is lovely, sometimes I go to the rail trail (converted railroad beds to walking trails) just to have a level run though….mountain goat I'm not. But I always have to think of my legs getting stronger every up hill step I take.

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