Posted by: oceannah | March 25, 2012

The restaurant weekend

“There are no unrealistic


There are only unrealistic


-Tom Venuto

This really works for me.  I’ve been very focused on May 5th as the day I move to consolidation.  If it happens that day or sooner, good.  If a bit later, fine also.  But it will happen.

This reminder keeps everything in perspective for me.  Friday the scale number (I don’t even want to call it my weight) was 152#.  This morning the scale said 154#.   Did I gain 2 pounds of fat in 2 days?  Unlikely.  I did however have a very busy weekend that entailed a fair amount of restaurant meals.  Three to be exact.  Friday’s dinner out was a largely ‘Dukan friendly’ Greek salad with sliced steak and some feta cheese, dressing on the side and only a touch used,  and Saturday’s restaurant lunch of souvlaki chicken and two falafel was pretty close to the mark, save for the falafel… but how good it was.  Then there was the Saturday dinner of vegetarian fajitas sans tortillas or anything other than the veggies and some salsa.  This meal lacked protein but it was a PV day and sometimes I’m just d-o-n-e with more protein.  The rest of the meals this weekend were spot on Dukan.

I’ve been a chef for over 20 years, retired now, but things haven’t changed… Restaurants use WAY more salt, oil and sugar in pretty much everything than I use at home.  Salt punches up all the other seasonings, fat gives flavor, and sugar is what everyone craves….So the souvlaki chicken was probably marinated in at least 2 of the three or all.  The veggies for the fajitas were bathed in oil, and the steak that was sliced probably had a glistening brush of butter before it was pushed across the line.  The falafel isn’t Dukan, and I knew it but a meal of just souvlaki chicken didn’t work for me on that particular day and I limited myself to two pieces only.  Also when I’m out and about, I do not drink nearly the quantity of water I do at home.  I take my large water bottle with me, but to get what I do at home, I’d have to carry a gallon size bottle.  Not an insane idea mind you, I just didn’t think I’d need it as our plans were not originally to stay out as long as we did.

The take home for me was that on a very busy weekend we ate out more than normal…Well, that’s really more than normal for us in a month or so.  We prefer home cooking with our own ingredients.  Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned though and we still need to eat.  The two extra #’s are likely due to the big uptick in salt from these meals and registering as water retention.  Am I stressing it? Not.  I feel really good, strong and healthy.  Do I think I’ve fallen off some exalted Dukan wagon? Hardly.  I like the guidelines of this food plan…they are simple.  Even though my meals were essentially in the plan, they contained ingredients that are not optimal.  Life, mine in particular, does not usually progress in a linear fashion.  There’s all the chaotic ups and downs that keep things interesting.

Tonight for dinner I made diver scallops.  YUMMY.  I bought a pound and a half of them, they were huge and pricey, only eight scallops/pound.  A light season with fresh cracked pepper and a squeeze of lemon were all they needed to be perfect-O.  Sweet, delicious and simple.  I was half way through eating when I thought of a picture 🙂  I’ll do them again and try to remember.

Tomorrow is back to the sanity and stability of regular meals without lots of social goings on.  That will be nice.




  1. Scallops… yummy!!! I find that I have slight increases when I eat restaurant food even if it’s Dukan friendly! I’m eating out tomorrow night, and Reuben, the guy at the western-style restaurant will prepare dinner just for me, made to order… I’ll have no loss or a slight gain on Weds… guaranteed! 🙂

    • It’s good to know the why of it all. Making sense of things is important for me to not go wiggy.

  2. You blog today resonates with me – no you don’t gain 2 pounds of fat over night but you sure can retain that amount water. The number on the scale is just a rough guide and prone to all sorts of complications – sounds like you know what you are doing but daily weighing does help us monitor the big picture.

    • Agreed Mel, the daily is good and keeps me honest. The weekly average is what keeps me focused. The big picture (for me) is trading fat for muscle. At this point, being in the 140’s-150’s would not be horrible so long as I lose the belly flab. I’m pretty content otherwise.

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