Posted by: oceannah | March 23, 2012

“Inspiration, move me brightly” -Terrapin Station

Thank You Shannon at shannsdukandiet for recognizing me as an inspirational blogger with this award:

I am humbly grateful that you have found inspiration on these pages.   The feeling is very much mutual :)   I’ve been so blown away by the support of the Dukan and other communities I’ve found out here in blog world.

By accepting this award, I must post seven things about myself that you don’t already know.  Nominate seven other blogs that inspire me.  No small task for me since I’ve been inspired by many lovely passionate folks, who alas, have had numerous nominations and I think I’m not supposed to re-nominate, chief amongst them are Sandi and Sonia.  Both of these wonderful bloggy women have become allies in the battle of the bulge and have unstintingly offered me support from the very beginning…big HUGS to you both.  What does it mean to receive a “very inspiring blog award”?  Sandi said it simply, “To be a Very Inspiring Blogger you write posts that inspire others. Pretty simple, if you ask me.”

So the Seven Things:

  1. My daughter’s namesake is a Celtic Goddess
  2. I can make a fire by ‘rubbing two sticks together’ …for real
  3. My first love affair began around 6 years old and continues to this day…I left the crowded dysfunction of an Irish Catholic family for the woods and swampy places; seeking solace from Mother Earth…  I have never been left wanting.
  4. I drive a Prius
  5. When I was 15 years old I was the only Caucasian working in a gourmet Chinese restaurant.  Boy, the food they served us for lunch was NOT the gloppity-glop that American’s call “Chinese food”  It was amazingly delicious, and I usually could not name the ingredients.:)
  6. I’m a Deadhead, but it’s just not the same without Jerry
  7.  I have been brought to tears by the utter astonishment of inner city youths ( while teaching Environmental ed.) who were witnessing stars in the night sky for the VERY FIRST time.

Keep in mind please that I’ve been following some of these blogs briefly, as my wee blog is less than a month old…none the less, these blogs do indeed give me inspiration.  The list is as eclectic as my taste.  Enjoy their blogs and be inspired by them, you won’t regret it…Word!

  1.  Soulsby Farm is a beautiful small human powered farm doing wonderful things in cooperation with the Earth.
  2. Malou takes gorgeous photographs and has a sweet little girl to boot!
  3. Charlotte has a great blog and a low carbon footprint!   I love that she rides her bike to work every day.
  4.  I just started following Courtney’s blog.  It’s an amazing photography blog for those interested (particularly) in shooting DSLR in manual.
  5.  Veerukka has a Dukan diet and fitness blog.  She’s also a knitter (love that).  I’m so appreciative that when asked, Vererukka willingly made adjustments to her settings so I can post there, thanks.
  6.  A lovely blog about a topic near and dear to my heart, organic gardening
  7.  Joe Romm is well, amazing.  His book “Hell and High Water” is a must read for everyone.  He may never accept this blog award, after all he is a major scientist with his own wikipedia  But the criteria was that the person had to inspire me, and Joe Romm has done so and he’ll inspire you as well.

That’s the wrap up folks.  I hope you enjoy the blogs here.  They are each different and each has something wonderful to offer.




  1. Thanks for the mention and kind words Anna. It is great to be on this journey with you, mutual support is definitely the way to success. xoxo

    • I totally agree Sonia. BTW, I’m working on the ones from you, haven’t forgotten…just spreading them out, it’s a bit daunting in a good way.

      • I know its alot, thats what I thought when I got them! It took me ages to accept Sandi’s Sunshine Award! I’m sure she’ll forgive me. LOL. xo

  2. Well done, Anna… Sonia, you’re forgiven… I still have 2 I haven’t done yet! xoxo

    • Muchas Gracias! xoxo

  3. Thank you Anna for nominating me! I’m going to try to prepare my acceptances this weekend, but I promised myself lots of knitting time. I should start posting about my ongoing knitting projects, but I’m on so much, I forget all my Dukan friends know nothing about that! (I tried to put in a link to Ravelry but I guess that’s not possible in a reply. Oh well!)

    As for your bloodwork, amazing how diet really is the key to solving so many of those problems!

    • Wow! I marvel at those who can knit. The only thing I ever was able to do was scarves…ha ha! The link DID come through and I’ll look forward to pursing the yarny goodness there 🙂 Have a great knitty time of it.

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